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$1.00 Wine and Beer

The Catch

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Review

My friend Luana Ash noticed a sign in front of The Catch on Memorial, in OKC. The poster had printed on it, $1 Beer - $1.00 Wine…CATCH IT!

We both thought there had to be a catch. Either it was a small pour, bad products, or it was only available at certain times. I asked the young man at the counter to explain how the $1.00 wine and beer worked. He smiled and said, “It is available every day the entire time we are open.”

I asked, “What kind of beer and what kind of wine?”

“The beer is PBR, and we have three wine choices; Moscato, Chardonnay, and a Rosé,” he said.

Luana ordered the Moscato. She felt that by trying it for $1.00, she did not have much to lose. We sat down at a booth, and they brought her drink. It came served in a pretty wine glass and looked to be about a six-ounce pour.

Luana took her first sip. With delighted surprise, she said, “It is refreshing. It has a nice flavor that is exactly right for a lightly sweet wine.” She added, “I like the temperature they have it chilled at, and it tastes great.”

We were flabbergasted that a $1.00 glass of wine could be respectable.

The Catch is a fast-food fresh seafood establishment. They serve coastal seafood dishes with a Cajun twist. The gumbo is delicious with a generous kick of heat. Red beans and rice are always a gratifying comfort food. The fish tacos were fresh. An extra touch to the tacos is the grilled flour tortillas holding all the ingredients together. The okra was crispy and not greasy.

The Catch also has an outside patio. Grab a friend, order a bowl of steamy hot gumbo, and take advantage of their $1.00 alcoholic drink deal. It is sure to be a groovy time.

I reviewed The Catch in March. However, they did not have the $1.00 alcoholic drinks at that time. I wanted to share this information with you so you would be informed about the drink special since it is very kind to your budget.

The Catch gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Review.

They are located at 2127 W Memorial Rd, OKC, OK

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