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Summer Concerts at Hafer Park in Edmond

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Woodstock 1969. Hafer Park Summer Concerts with a Woodstock feel 2020. Yes, good things are still happening in 2020. The concerts at Hafer Park are one of those positive events with its diverse crowds. A glance around the group gathered to hear good music sprouts from people with tattoos to those using walkers. The mixture of ages and lifestyles proves everyone loves the Medicare Jet-Setters era of music. It is the best created.

Barbara Marshall, a Hospice RN I work with suggested our crew have a relaxing and fun evening at the free Hafer Park Summer Concert. They are held every Thursday from 6:15 pm to 9:00 pm. The glorious Hafer Part is located at Bryant Avenue and Ninth Street in Edmond, Ok. The setting is wooded and mystical. The park comes complete with an outdoor stage for the musicians. When you go, bring your lawn chair, beverage, and snack. You will notice there are a lot of other baby boomers at these concerts. The sheer number of us attending, shows what we already know, we love the music of our era. We adore the feeling of freedom and being young. We are not afraid to stand up and dance if the music speaks to the rhythm of our inner youth. Imbedded in our hearts and minds are the lyrics of our songs; we cannot help but sing along. We cherish that the artists performing are doing this for free so everyone, no matter what their financial status, can enjoy the music.

The first band of the evening was Souled Out. The band plays a pop variety and mixture of the sixties and seventies tunes. The group even choreographed some moves.

Most of the band members of Souled Out are of MJ age. The moment they stepped on the stage; you knew you were about to be entertained because of the smiles on their faces. They had a look of rebellious orneriness.

The first song they played was, “Signed Sealed and Delivered I'm Yours”, by Stevie Wonder. The trumpet player blew us away, leaving us wanting more.

At our age, we have passed the feeling of wondering what people think, and many of the baby boomers would stand up and dance with pure unbridled joy. I joined in and danced, shook my bootie, and felt a freedom I have not felt in quite a while. My friend Barbara danced with the same abandon. We laughed and loved the moment. Life felt good as we swayed our age sixty-plus hips to the beat of the music.

When Souled Out played Mustang Sally, some of the band members walked right into the crowd and blew their horns or stuck the microphone in someone's face to sing along.

When the group belted the song, "RESPECT," it was fun to watch many of the crowd's heads bobbing back and forth in rhythm to this classic. It is renewing to go into a group of people and see smiles again.

About halfway through the concert, the band announced they were jumping forward about ten years. The audience groaned. They loved grooving to the golden oldies.

In the photo's you will see a row of orange chairs. Do you suppose that was a group of OSU fans?

Souled Out started because they were a group of musicians that loved Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears. Souled Out has been performing for over twenty years. The members have opened for, or played with: Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, The O'Laws, The Temptation, The Supremes, Frankie Avalon, Leslie Gore, The Grass Roots, Leon Russell, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Firefalll, The Drifters, Wayne Newton, and many others.

The band members include:

Steve Gibson…Guitar and Vocals

Brandon Nix…Bass and Vocals

Amy Parker…Vocals, Saxophone, and Keyboard

Ryan Parker…Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and Vocals

Dave Smith…Saxophone

Ron West…Trumpet

Kyle Martin…Drums

Jeff Kidwell…Trombone and Vocals

Souled Out brought the audience lots of laughter, sing-alongs, fun, and energy. When they played Celebrate, by Cool and the Gang, I looked around and saw the world enjoying life once again.

In the photos, you will see three generations of a family enjoying the evening: Mary and Roger, their son and his wife Shannon and Chris, and their granddaughter Clara. I had to take a photo because, to me, they represented what life is all about, sharing a love of music and a love of family.

I had the good fortune of meeting a new friend, Mary Wagoner, all because we were toting the same free AARP bag for our beverages and snacks. We shared a laugh and conversation followed. Mary is a recently retired school teacher, and she goes to events all the time. She said she would contribute some future reviews to Medicare Jet-Setters.

I am looking forward to an expanded field of reporters for our Facebook page.

Souled Out left the stage, and the Papa Nooch Band set up. This band plays Classic Rock. Their music filled the air with soul and passion. When their lead singer, Michelle Lopez, belted out, "It's So Easy to Fall in Love," she had the audience hooked. Many of their members are Medicare Jet-Setter age too, which means they know music!

Their band members include:

Cam McLain…Guitar, Harmonica, and Vocals

Michelle Lopez..Vocals

Burke Martin…Drummer

Mike Duncan…Bass and Vocals

Ralph Heatly…Guitar and Vocals

When they played, "They Call Me the Liar," I felt chills of passion from the singer. One of their songs, "Time to Go," brought tears to my eyes. It was a song about when love turns to disappointment.

I plan to be at Hafer Park every Thursday to enjoy these free concerts. If you see me standing up dancing or sitting in my chair enjoying an adult beverage, introduce yourself. The next show is on June 25th. The scheduled bands are John the Franklin, to play Light Rock, and The Sentimental Social Club, to perform Old School Funk.

I dedicate this review to my friend and co-worker, Barbara Marshall. Barbara introduced me to this groovy venue and invited me to join her.

Hafer Park Free Summer Concerts gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating.

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