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A Loud Noise at the OKC Zoo

By MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

My sister, Shelley Stutchman, has a classically decorated house, mine is eclectic, but both homes have one common element, turtles. There are tiny turtles on shelves, big turtles in our yards, pictures of turtles, jeweled turtles, plain turtles, and even turtle planters. Most of them were gifts to each other through the years. As with many collections, there is a story that goes with them.

Our turtle story is a small but funny event at the Oklahoma City Zoo. If you have never been there, it is a big sprawling place where endangered animals are cared for, and all the animals have room to roam. The day Shelley and I and our husbands visited, the first thing we noticed was a very loud, similar to roaring sound, the sound could be heard through the zoo's many acres. We were curious, but it took a long time to find the source of the noise.

I wondered if there had been something going on with the big cats. The husbands thought it could be elephants, Shelley thought it was something else, and she was right. We assumed all turtles were silent until that moment, but here were some huge turtles bellowing their hearts out as they were busy making baby turtles. All of us got a good laugh, and the men were ready to walk on, but Shelley and I saw a group of young children walking with their teacher. We heard the teacher say, "Children, let's look at the tur…" she then turned them down the opposite path leaving us to laugh so hard it hurt.

After that, we stood back to watch other people's many reactions, and it was quite a good show. It was a time before cell phones, so we had to wait to tell our friends about our funny adventure, and from there, we had a family story. The next Christmas, our first turtles showed up and every Christmas after. We value our collections and the story that started them. Don't forget to treasure your memories, and if you can bring them forward in ongoing parts of your life, start a collection, or even better two.

Medicare Jet-Setters give the turtles a groovy rating.

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