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A Small Thanksgiving

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Medicare Jet-Setters give Thanksgiving a Groovy Rating

Our family includes the normal group of parents, grandparents, kids, cousins, and such. We also believe family can consist of friends we have known for years or hours. Our holiday parties are open to anyone who can use a family. Those non-blood relatives add so much love to our gatherings. Not this year though, to keep all those loving people safe, celebrations will remain small. This year is for memories of the past and plans for the future. Even with this scaled-down holiday season, someone (Charley), my youngest son, is likely to think of a prank. I'm a little worried because he wasn't born on April Fool's Day for nothing.

We have our traditions for each holiday. On Thanksgiving, we bring out the cards or board games. Those who opt out kibitz until the players threaten murder, and then we are reminded that we have been eating our way through the day. Every year we agree we should take a walk to burn off all those calories. Six blocks later, we decide we have walked off at least many thousands of calories, so we might as well finish our walk and have another piece of pumpkin pie. The next day the scale makes us think we should have walked another block or two, but some things are worth it. Do you have any special plans for this year? Next week I will recommend some ideas to help make even this year meaningful.

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