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All About Cha

Located at 3272 S Broadway, Edmond

Medicare Jet-Setters gives All About Cha a Groovy Review

Thank you, Linda Tracy-Ryburn, for introducing me to my new favorite coffee and tea shop. It is cool when a friend invites you to a place that you have never been before, and that place turns out to have all the requirements needed to receive a Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating.

All About Cha is bright and cheery. The seating is comfortable and inviting. Because there is carpet on the floor, it helps drown out the sound of whirring blenders making spectacular drinks. At other coffee shops, I had trouble continuing the conversation when the blenders went to work. At All About Cha, I barely noticed them. The acoustics are excellent. You can hear what the other person is saying. The unrushed atmosphere makes you feel like lingering over a good topic is perfectly okay. Relaxing is effortless while sipping on one of their gourmet coffees or teas.

All About Cha has created the perfect cozy living room ambiance. Linda mentioned she likes that they serve your drink in real ceramic mugs and not paper. She ordered the white cha mocha with coconut milk. It was beautiful to behold, and as Linda put it, “A treat to drink.”

I felt like trying something new and ordered the green latte. The waiter set the mug in front of me. The green tea with the snowy white steamed milk design on top was the work of an artist. It was beautiful. I sipped this perfect combination of tea and spices. Not only is All About Cha my new favorite coffee and tea house, but the green latte is also my new favorite drink.

I am a breakfast eater. It has been a long time since I have had a good quiche. The buttery goodness in every bite, and the fresh fruit was perfection.

Linda, you get a groovy rating for introducing me to my new favorite coffee and tea house.

For more information, go to their web-site at All About Cha (

Or check them out on Facebook at All About Cha | Facebook

Medicare Jet-Setters gives All About Cha a groovy rating.

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