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Arcadia Lake Trail

The trailhead is located at the Park Headquarters/Lake Overlook entrance

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

My dear fellow senior citizens, we know we must keep moving so we don’t rust out. Since I work in the eldercare industry and see many people in their nineties still going strong, many tell me their secret is, “I walk every day, and I drink a glass of wine each night.”

Since the weather is getting beautiful, I decided to explore a new set of walking trails. My friend Jeanne Lowrey agreed to go on a walking adventure with me. We hit the path at Arcadia Lake. Several great things about walking here make Arcadia Lake Trail’s Medicare Jet-Setter friendly.

A grassy division divides the paved trails into two separate paths. One of the paths is for bicycle riders and the other for walkers. We liked this because we didn’t have to worry about not hearing a bike behind us and stepping out in front of one. This trail is well designed. It is a nice flat trail, has little to no obstacles, and is suitable for all fitness levels. If you use a walker to assist you, there is plenty of space and no cracks or potholes to trip you up.

The scenery is beautiful. There are plenty of trees to enjoy and glimpses of the lake at different points along the trails. We spied some lovely park benches on the path if you need to rest.

There are 12.60 miles of trails. My goal is to do the entire hike before summer’s end.

The trails are well-groomed and have plenty of shady spots to recharge if you need to rest.

Take a walk at the Arcadia Lake Trails for fresh air and groovy times. Happy trails to you.

Arcadia Lake Trails get a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy rating.

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