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Around the Corner

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Our server placed the warm, ooey-gooey, cinnamon roll in front of us. Scents of cinnamon and butter drifted in the air, making our mouths water. Not able to wait one more second, fourteen-year-old Zak Fales stuck his fork into the roll. He tasted it, stabbed his fork in again for a second bite, smiled up at us, and asked, “Did this come from heaven?”

For an authentic old-fashioned diner experience, visit Around the Corner. This blast from the past diner is located at 11 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034.

We walked in the back door, where the short-order cook gave us a cheerful greeting. He was taking his break, sitting on the bench outside. From the moment we stepped inside, we felt like we entered a time machine back to the ’50s. Memorabilia filled every inch of wall space. There are so many artifacts hanging on the walls, and from the ceiling, each time you return, you will spy something you never noticed before.

Once you decide where you want to sit, a newspaper awaits you at your table. It is full of news stories, jokes, puzzles, history, Dear Abby, cooking advice, and the menu. It is fun to read. Did you know one of the tips is to add a little salt to your desserts? The salt makes sweet treats more complex. Blue Plate Lunch Specials are only $5.00. An example is Grandma’s Meatloaf served on Wednesdays. There are also specials for seniors, and coffee is only ninety-two cents if you are sixty or over.

Our server even had the 1950’s attitude about customer service. She smiled at us, kept our coffee cups full, and offered suggestions on what to eat.

When you order orange juice, it becomes an entire production. There is a juice machine sitting in the dining room. It is surrounded by baskets of bright oranges, ready to be squeezed. We watched our server put the oranges in the top of the machine. The juicy fruit drops from process to process, from the blades peeling off the skin to pressing the oranges. The fresh juice then drips into your glass and is immediately served. Neil tasted his juice and said, “This tastes like it is right off the tree,” taking another sip, he added, “Excellent!”

True to form of an old-fashioned diner, the couple seated in the booth next to our table started to smile and laugh. The gentleman looked at us and said, “We couldn’t help eavesdropping on your conversation with the boys. They are just so full of life.”

Brayden, the seventeen-year-old, smiled, and Zak, the fourteen-year-old, turned to the couple and said, “I wish this restaurant were in Texas. It is so good.”

We enjoyed conversation with our new friends until our food came, and it was time to taste more of the delights of Around the Corner.

Steaming plates of hot breakfast foods arrived at our table. Brayden and Zak, the teenage boys, gave their meals a thumbs up as they devoured their heaping plates of food. Melissa, their mother, said hers was exceptionally good. Neil stated, “My eggs are cooked just right.”

I had the California Omelet. It was full of melted cheese and avocados. Each bite made me feel as if I was California Dreaming.

Writing this article has made me hungry. See you all Around the Corner.

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Around the Corner gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

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