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Aurora Breakfast, Bar, and Backyard

Medicare Jet-Setters give Aurora a groovy rating!

Why go to Aurora? As the owners, Jamie and Jordan Winteroth, put it, “Because You Deserve Good Food.” Those few words summed the Aurora up perfectly.

Aurora is locally owned, and as a Medicare Jet-Setter, I am always excited to support a small neighborhood business. The dream of anyone having a company of their own is a big part of being an American.

The building is a narrow straight shot structure with the back door leading to the cutest patio ever. Our Breakfast Club recently scheduled a meeting at Aurora. One of the reasons our chairperson decided to meet there was because of the courtyard. We could be in the fresh air and social distance.

I arrived first. I am glad I did. It gave me time to get the feel of the life-force essence so unique to the Aurora.

Since many people reading this review are Medicare Jet-Setters, we remember the serene feel of coffee houses of the sixties. The coffee houses we remember were a place you just wanted to stay awhile and soak up the feelings of love and peace. That is what you get at the Aurora.

The server showed me to the patio where our meeting would take place. I asked for a cup of coffee and said I would order my breakfast when the rest of the group arrived. In less than three minutes, a steaming mug of coffee, along with a miniature glass milk bottle filled with cream, appeared before me. I took one sip and thought to myself, “This is the best cup of java I have ever tasted!” I found out one of the specialties at the Aurora is their hand-crafted coffee.

As I sit waiting for the group to get there, I sipped my coffee and grooved to the sixties and seventies music playing. A lady walking her dog wandered to the grassy area of the patio where there was a teepee for children to play in and picnic tables. I watched as Jamie, the owner, came out, bringing the thirsty dog a fresh pan of water. I felt like I had entered a surreal world where everyone did acts of kindness, people smiled, and the world was calm. I did not want that moment of utopia to end.

The group came, and we all ordered a variety of breakfast foods. Our service was excellent, those coffee cups never got empty, and our meals arrived quickly. The entire group agreed their breakfast was scrumptious. However, we could not stop talking about the fantastic coffee.

I inquired about a catering quote. Jamie emailed me in the time frame I had asked for and the pricing I requested. I appreciated not having to ask for my quote a second time because I never received the information. Groovy job Aurora.

Please read what the owners of Aurora wrote on their FB page about the COVID-19 Precautions they are taking.

Social Deck and Dining and Aurora are both requiring servers and management to wear masks. We have the restaurant fogged with a chemical virus sanitizer weekly and have upgraded to a peroxide-based cleaner for the tables, surfaces; door handles, etc. There is a hand sanitizer on every table. Aurora uses QR code touchless menus, and Social has disposable menus that are thrown away after use. We check the staff temperature upon arrival and keep in very close contact with the employees about their health and well-being. Both restaurants are only seating at half capacity and have expanded outdoor seating. Both offer curbside to go. Social has family meals you can order in advance, pay over the phone, and we will curbside it for you or order our regular brunch or dinner menus to go. Aurora has an online ordering option and again will bring it out to your car. At this time, we need and want to remain open for all of our guests in the capacity they are comfortable while offering many safe dining options. We will be watching and reading and studying as this virus develops in this city and will always try to make the best decisions for our customers and staff.

For more information go to their FB page at

Or to their website at

Aurora is located in the heart of the historic Plaza District at 1704 NW 16 St., OKC, OK.

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