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Bistro Twenty Two

Bistro Twenty Two

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating

"Oh là là," slipped out of my mouth the moment I stepped inside Bistro Twenty Two. I noticed a beautiful woman with a silk scarf, skillfully draped around her neck. Had I been transported to Paris?

The host immediately greeted me and welcomed me to the quaint and intimate dining room called Bistro Twenty Two. Black and Silver predominate the décor. This combination of colors feels instantly elegant. Bob, my server for the evening, asked me what I would like to drink. I replied, I would enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for my friend to join me.

Bob is one of those men that you intuitively know is a kind soul. I will tell you more about how Bob proved that later in this review. I told him I already knew I was going to have the salmon, so while I was waiting, would he suggest a white wine? Bob highly recommended Four Graces Pinot Grigio. When I noticed it was a wine from Willamette Valley, Oregon, I knew it would be outstanding. May I suggest when you visit Bistro Twenty Two, and if you like Pinot Grigio, try a glass. Its bouquet teases your senses with the mingling of ripe pineapple, lemon, and honeysuckle. Four Graces is an exceptionally smooth wine, yet it retains a vibrant linger on your tongue. This Pinot Grigio proved to be the perfect choice with my selection of food for the evening.

At this point in my visit, I had only been served my wine and already had the best service I have ever experienced. Now, more about Bob, the server. As I sipped my wine waiting for my friend, Thom Bishop-Miller, a man came into the restaurant. He came close to where I was seated. His shirt was dirty, and he had a definite odor. I observed as Bob greeted him, he treated him with all the respect and kindness that he did the well-heeled customers. The man asked Bob if he could have a takeout menu. Bob filled his request and said, "Thank you for stopping by, and we will look forward to serving you."

Bob and Bistro Twenty Two got five stars and more from me that very moment. I knew a place as lovely as Bistro Twenty Two that treated everyone with dignity are my kind of people. One of the owners, Ryan Murphy, came to my table to introduce himself. I told him how impressed I was with Bob and his treatment of the man that walked in off the street. Ryan said to me, that is how they roll at Bistro Twenty Two. Ryan shared a touching story with me about another situation, somewhat like the one I saw. Not only is the service, drinks, and food outstanding, their attitude toward humankind is groovy.

I love the attention to detail at Bistro Twenty Two. That extra touch makes you feel so special. The ice to my water had all melted, and Bob refreshed my glass with fresh ice.

Thom arrived, and it was then I paid attention to the volume of the background music. Eighties music softly played through the intercom system. It was exactly right to set a pleasant atmosphere yet did not interfere with conversation. The crowd that night appeared to be a mixture of baby boomers and Gen X. So, eighties' music proved to be the right choice for both generation's enjoyment.

With mouth-watering adjectives, Bob shared with us the specials for the evening. A few days prior, Thom started the Keto diet. He asked Bob about some Keto choices. Bob was knowledgeable about the Keto lifestyle and helped guide Thom in his decisions.

I started with the French Onion Soup. It came to me hot and steamy. My first taste made me once again say, "Oh là là."

I mentioned the soup had a wonderful flavor of pepper in it. Bob explained different characteristics are highlighted depending on where the chef layers the ingredients in the preparation of the soup. "Layer the soup?" I asked.

Bob went on to explain to us that experienced chefs, as they have at Bistro Twenty Two, layer the soup. In my sixty-five years of living, I never knew that.

Thom ordered the B-22 House Salad. He was incredibly pleased they accommodated him by making it Keto friendly. The butter leaf lettuce in the salad was fresh, chilled, and crispy.

The first bite of my entrée made me lick my lips. The line-caught Atlantic salmon topped with parmesan cheese, and toasted panko, served with a tomato beurre blanc, is a gastronomical delight. I added the winter roasted root vegetables. Those vegetables are my new favorite in the vegetable world.

Thom had the filet with broccoli. He took his first bite and all I heard was, "MMMMM."

Thom also said the steak was fork-tender and cooked exactly per his request.

He had me taste his broccoli. It had a smokey flavor that made it over the top yummy. His mashed potatoes were a piece of sculpted art, almost too pretty to eat. Since he was on Keto, I did what a good friend should. I ate his potatoes. Oh my, they were simply spectacular.

To our surprise and delight, Ryan treated us to a dark rum brioche bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and a triple crown chocolate cake. Once again, Thom was keeping on track with his Keto diet. By the time I finished eating both desserts, I was afraid I might have to be rolled out in a wheel barrel. The bread pudding was better than any I have ever had before. Thom did take one bite of it, and summed it up perfectly, "This is sinful."

Ryan told me the triple crown chocolate cake was his creation out of his love for ding dongs. Let me tell you, if you love ding dongs, you will go crazy for Ryan's upscale version of one.

Thank you to Executive Chef and owner Ryan Murphy, along with owners Jessica and Clay Falkner, and Sous Chef's David Cawi and Kraig Willis, for a taste experience beyond what my words can describe. I would also like to nominate Bob as one of the most excellent servers in Oklahoma, or maybe even the world.

Thank you, Kraig Willis, for reaching out to me on Facebook and inviting me to try Bistro Twenty Two.

Bistro Twenty Two gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating. They are located at 1417 East Danforth, Edmond, Oklahoma.

For more information, visit their website at

Or check them out on Facebook at

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