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Blue Sage Studio...and no one got burned

Blue Sage Studio

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

And no one got burned!

When my sister, Shelley Malicote Stutchman, told me part of my birthday gift would be to make a glass decoration, I did not know what to think. An image flashed through my mind of the Guinness book of records with my name under the world's ugliest accessory. However, my excitement for a new artistic adventure was stronger than concerns that the result would scare small children.

Shelley made the appointment for our class, and we were on our way to becoming artists in glass. The courtyard alone was worth the visit to Blue Sage Studios. Beautiful works of glass, metal, and colorful growing plants were everywhere we looked. I was delighted that we arrived a little early. We now had a chance to sit on the hand-painted chairs while enjoying the magic of sunshine reflecting off the artwork. We were both becoming inspired to make some art ourselves.

When it was time for our appointment, we walked into an area of exquisite glass everywhere. Shelley said, "Look at that lovely bowl."

I said, " Did you see that vase?"

Our oohs and ahhs continued until our instructor, Rachel Johnston, walked toward us and introduced herself. Rachel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts of Glass. She is as cute as a button, has a smile that makes you feel like you are old friends, and she knows what she is doing when it comes to glass artistry. Rachel started our session by explaining to us how the process would progress.

We could choose to make either a flower, a paperweight, or a Christmas ornament. Shelley had been at Blue Sage Studio once before. The first time she created a flower, so she picked the paperweight this time. I chose the flower. Next, we were to pick the colors we wanted, and that is where I ran into trouble. I am hearing impaired and could not understand what Rachel was telling me. I asked her to repeat it, something like four times. Shelley stepped in and explained my difficulty in hearing to Rachel. Usually, that information brings an eye roll or a joke about selective hearing. Rachel did not roll her eyes; she smiled and let me know it was fine with her when I needed her to repeat instructions. She was as good as her word throughout the session. Sometimes I felt irritated with my own What's, but Rachel never showed impatience, no matter how often she had to repeat, repeat, repeat.

Next, we checked out the ovens. A temperature chart showed the degree of heat each unit burned. I assumed someone must have made a mistake since four numbers were showing. My first thought about that was ovens do not heat to the thousands, but as I looked at the deep red interior, I knew they did indeed. Rachel put the glass we were going to use on long rods. She showed us exactly where to hold the rods and what part of the rod not to touch because we would get burned. I looked at the ovens and did not doubt that one bit. We added color to our glass and watched the miracle happen. I held the rod at precisely the place I was supposed to, and Rachel showed me how to make the petals.

The process took several heating sessions, and I was having a great time. It was amazing to watch as that lump of glass formed into a beautiful flower. Shelley's paperweight became a treasure to look at with swirls of color.

We thanked Rachel for the lesson. She grinned then replied, "And nobody got burned."

The next day we picked up our creations. I have been busy showing off my beautiful glass flower to anyone who will look.

If you are looking for a date night that is more interesting than another movie and meal, or you want to enjoy a new experience, try glass art. Rachel will make sure you end up with a keepsake and have a great time making it while observing proper health safety procedures.

Blue Sage Studios gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

Blue Sage Studios, 1218 N. Western Ave. Ok city 405-601-2583

For more information, go to their website at

Or check them out on Facebook at

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