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Cataract Surgery Gone Wild

and the Miracle Doctor

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Review

I am a statistic, a number, one of those people you hear about, but someone you never know. I am the one to two percent that when you hear those odds of something going wrong, you believe the likelihood of everything going right is in your favor. My experience with Cataract surgery is not to worry you about a routine procedure that is almost ninety-nine to nighty eight percent successful. However, I want to take this Medicare Jet-Setter moment to express my gratitude for Dr. Nanda. He gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating for the miracle he performed.

Dr. Nanda entered my life at one of my darkest moments when I became that one to two percent statistic. Monday, June 14th, I had routine cataract surgery. My first surgery had gone great. I was so pleased with the outcome.

Something was different on the second operation. You are not put entirely out for cataract surgery. Don’t worry; you are gone enough that you don’t feel or remember much. However, it seemed I felt more pressure on my eye. Then I saw a burst of psychedelic colors of red, yellow, and purple. I remember thinking, “Man, I got cheated the first surgery. I didn’t get to see that kaleidoscope of colors.”

I found out I had a rare posterior cellular rupture during surgery. I was now blind in my left eye. The debris from the break fell to the back of my eye, blocking my vision. The following day I had a consultation with Dr. Nanda, a vitreoretinal surgeon. Dr. Nanda scheduled me for surgery with him on Thursday, June 17th. My chances of seeing again were in his hands.

I had come to accept I may now be known as One-Eyed Shelley or Eye Patch Shelley. I would make the best of it, but I was praying Dr. Nanda could work a miracle.

The day of the surgery came. The anger stage hit me. Probably because I was scared to death of the outcome, some cuss words came rolling out of my mouth at the slightest thing. No one could do anything right. I was mad at the girl that checked me in. I was angry I had to miss so much work. I was mad I couldn’t wear my false eyelashes. I was annoyed I was old. I let Dr. Nanda know many people were praying and sending vibes that God guide his hands, and I said it in a manner that was a bit of a threat.

Once again, I was not totally out for the surgery. I could hear Dr. Nanda asking his helpers for different things to assist him during the procedure. Each time, I heard him say, “Please and Thank You.”

That calmed me down so much. I knew Dr. Nanda was a good man right then by being polite to those helping him while working on my eye. I could see him removing pieces of debris from my sight. I had to visualize it was a video game in my mind, and he was zapping the bad guys, or I was afraid I would be sick to my stomach if I let my mind drift to the fact, he was inside of my eye socket. I started cheering in my head each time he zapped a black spot away.

The surgery went without a hitch. However, I would not know if it was a success until Friday morning, when the surgeon’s nurse removed the bandages.

At first, everything was blurry, but I was able to see color for the first time since Monday. I knew that had to be good. Quickly my eye started focusing. I could see!

Hero, excellent surgeon, gentleman, and miracle man are all adjectives that describe Dr. Nanda. With a thankful heart and two good eyes, I give Dr. Nanda a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy review.

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