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Celtic Throne

Celtic Throne

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Margaret Brown did it again! She picked a fabulous event. Margaret has planned many of the adventures that Medicare Jet-Setter’s reviews. Somehow, she always picks a winner.

This time Margaret suggested we watch the Celtic Throne performing at the Armstrong Theater in Edmond, Oklahoma. We were in for a treat as we clapped, tapped, and watched this Royal Journey of Irish Dance.

The dancers wowed us with their precise moves. It was as if the stage full of dancers became one. The footwork of these Irish dancers was fast. The only thing that can explain their leaps and fancy footwork is magic.

The background will take you on a visual journey through Ireland, Scotland, England, and the United States.

They close the show with a patriotic tribute to the U.S.A. Many in the audience stood and cheered and said, “God Bless America.”

You still have time to see this lively show. It runs now through July 11th. Take the entire family. There are even children as young as four dancing on the stage.

Celtic Throne gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating.

For more information and ticket, orders go to Celtic Throne - Armstrong Auditorium

Check them out on Facebook at Celtic Throne | Facebook

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