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Crumbl Cookies

LaDonna Wilson won the Medicare Jet-Setters November contest. Instead of mailing her the prize we decided to meet so I could hand it to her in person. She suggested we meet at a new place she saw advertised on Facebook. Since trying new places is what Medicare Jet-Setters do, I said, "That sounds groovy."

LaDonna picked Crumbl Cookies located at 13004 N. Pennsylvania, in OKC. We arrived simultaneously and walked into an exceptionally clean and well-organized cookie and ice cream shop. They don't have a place to eat your cookies inside, so you can either eat them up in your car or take them home. Everything in the room is pink and white, giving a very cheerful feeling—possibly a bit like being in a Barbie Dream House kitchen.

Here is what LaDonna wrote about Crumbl Cookies. If you love cookies, you must try Crumbl Cookies. It is delicious, and their cookies are huge. Just don't mind the price. I ate some Lemon Poppyseed Ice Cream, and it tasted like they crumbled the lemon poppyseed cookie in the ice cream. With every bite, I tasted a little bit of the soft cookie crust with a burst of bite-size, fresh lemon zest, but the tang was not there. There was not much sugar in their ice cream as other brands. What a great contrast of the different flavors together. They are amazing! Go try it out!

LaDonna had a great experience with the ice cream. Now my turn to tell you about the cookies. I had the chilled sugar cookie with pink frosting. It melted in my mouth. I closed my eyes as I tasted the deliciousness. The sensation of being a little girl at Christmas, eating my mother's homemade Christmas cookies swept over me for a fond memory. I also ordered a chocolate chip cookie for Medicare Jet-Setter Neil Johnson to get his opinion. After his first bite, he said, "This is really good."

Then I heard him say Mmmmm, several times with each following bite. Next, he said, "This delicious cookie has to have at least five thousand calories!"

When your cookie is ready, the smiling person behind the counter will hand you the sweet creation in the cutest pink container. I hope the box is magical, and the next time I open it, another Crumbl Cookie will appear.

Check them out on Facebook at Crumbl Cookies | Facebook

Or on their web-site at Crumbl Cookies - Freshly Baked & Home Delivered - crumbl

Crumble Cookies, and LaDonna Wilson both get a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating.

PS...Sharing a cookie in your car with a friend is fun.

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