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Den Mother

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

During the 1960s, I was busy rearing three high spirited sons. Having all these boys lead me down the path of becoming a Den Mother. My three Cub Scouts became of age to enter scouting at a spacing, which put me in the leader position for seven straight years. I taught many kids, but the boys and scouting were also my teachers.

I learned that craft projects for boys needed to be fast to complete, messy, and not especially artistic to hold their attention. I learned never to schedule field trips during a full moon. I learned that sleepovers for twelve little scouts have nothing to do with sleep.

Cub Scouts want to know how to become responsible adults and make their own pinewood derby cars. They enjoy making cookies almost as much as eating them. They are loyal to America and respectful of our symbols. With each group of Scouts, I became very familiar with flag protocol in the process of teaching them. The flag alone is nothing but cloth and thread, but the history and the hope for the future it represents is worthy of the highest respect. Out of respect for what the American flag stands for, flag protocol is something we all should know and follow.

Medicare Jet-Setters give Den Mothers a groovy rating.

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