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Eden Boutique

Located in the Paseo District of OKC

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter’s Groovy Review

Guys, this is about women’s clothes. However, Eden’s would make a great place to buy a Christmas gift certificate, and at the same time, you would be supporting a small, locally owned business.

If you are like me, sometimes I wonder if everything I wear is outdated. I no longer keep up with the latest styles, but still do not want to look like I stepped out of a time warp from ten to twenty years ago. My friend, Becky Grantham, introduced me to Eden Boutique, located at 3014 Paseo, OKC, OK. This boutique is the grooviest place for a Medicare Jet-Setter to shop. Eden Turrentine is the owner. She has both bold and sophisticated styles, resulting in the fact that every age will find something they want to purchase. However, she has the skill to find us Medicare Jet-Setters stylish clothes that make us feel sassy and definitely not frumpy.

Eden and her staff will make suggestions about pieces that might look fabulous on you. One hundred percent of the time, they are right. Another thing I appreciate is they will help you find the right fit. If it is too big, they will suggest a size smaller, or on the flip side, if they see it is uncomfortable and pulling in the wrong spots, they will gently guide you to a better, more flattering fit.

Shopping at Eden’s makes buying clothes fun. They also have accessories that you won’t see anywhere else, and you can’t resist. I ended up with several outfits that fit well and made me feel like I could walk into any room with confidence and pizzazz. Eden had no idea I am a Medicare Jet-Setter, and when I tried on a tan sweater pant and top, she said, “You look like a jet-setter in that.”

Of course, that comment sealed the deal. I had to have that outfit. I left with a sack full of professional work clothes, comfortable lounge outfits, and a bright blue faux fur jacket. The clothes and the service are off the charts; however, the clothes are affordable. The price stickers won’t make you hang them back on the rack and roll your eyes.

Next time you want a new outfit or go on an adventure to find a new place to shop, please head your car to Eden Boutique.

For more information, check out Eden Boutique on Facebook at

Eden Boutique gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating.

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