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Enjoy December 2020

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Medicare Jet-Setters give Enjoy December 2020 a Groovy Review.

We're finally in the last month of a year that will never be forgotten, no matter how much we try to put it out of our minds. What are our plans to do with this month that is normally full of parties, celebrations, and people gathering before the hard cold of winter comes our way? There are more canceled events than events. If we are so inclined, pouting is always an option. We certainly have earned a good pout, but we deserve better.

I enjoy decorating. Some might even say I love it too much. I have placed a Christmas tree in every room, bathrooms included. It brings me pleasure to surround myself with sparkle and bling for a while. I would love to open my home for parties and visits, but I am worthy of enjoying joyful surroundings for my own pleasure.

With all the decorations up, the urge to bake becomes a compulsion. Sugar cookies in the shape of Santa's, bells, stars, and holly are my way of including the memory of my mother. Mom gave me her cookie cutters many years ago. Family members and neighbors will be gifted with more cookies than they ever wanted. I'm not an especially good cook, but I can claim average, and it is the thought that counts.

Hallmark Christmas romances are all the same theme and so similar it is easy to joke about them. We are guaranteed that all will turn out well, and we can all smile at the wedding as the movie ends. One of my favorite movies is Miracle on 34th Street. Watching it every year was family time at our house when the boys were growing up. Way back then, recording a show wasn't an option. We had to watch it whenever it was broadcast, even if that was two in the morning. My husband and I would wake up the kids to watch with us while eating homemade cookies, chips, dip, and a complete junk food layout—steaming mugs of hot chocolate filled with more marshmallows than drink completed the feast. Now I still watch, even though there is less food, hoping not to move the scale too much.

When I was growing up, Christmas dinner and gift opening happened on Christmas eve. We added even more celebration on Christmas morning over time. We have a month to choose to enjoy no matter if the celebration is alone or with ten. Put a tree in your bathroom and enjoy December.

Medicare Jet-Setters gives enjoying December 2020 a groovy rating.

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