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Experts Vs. Me

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

There are articles, lectures, zoom meetings, and any other means imaginable for experts on everything conceivable to share their wisdom. We can get all kinds of excellent advice from them. Sometimes that advice is simply too general without considering individual circumstances.

For this article, please think of me as your personal expert with no education. I haven’t even written a book about the various topics I am getting ready to address. Because of that, please proceed with caution.

As we advance in age, I learned that we should take shortcuts in our daily chores to allow for our loss of energy. One of those shortcuts is to stop keeping a pretty mealtime table and instead keep your non-perishables on the table, so you don’t have to put them on and off the table. Great advice to save energy. However, for some of us, a tablecloth and a pretty centerpiece help make the meal more pleasant. How do we save energy and enjoy a nicely set table? Here is my un-expert advice. Every time I visit the Dr., the first thing they do to me is to have me stand on their scales which are always wrong since they add a few pounds compared to my more dependable home scales. After they put you through that humiliating experience, the Dr. walks in and before she gets all the way through the door, looks at your weight and starts asking, “Do you get enough exercise?”

The doctor’s question, asked with an accusing tone, is when you remember that you put the salt and pepper, syrup, or ketchup, on the table and at the end of the meal put it all back in the cabinet, which is many steps away. This allows you to tell your Dr. you are indeed getting your exercise, and you don’t even have to take a walk every day, to be honest about it.

The fashion experts tell us who have been gifted with naturally grey hair, removable teeth, a walk slow enough to smell the roses without stopping, and more time to spend catching up on old magazines in doctor’s waiting rooms that we need to change the way we dress. It is supposed to be time to put away our youthful clothing and dress with dignity. Gentlemen need short, tidy haircuts, and women need short immaculate hairstyles with curly perms. Put away the makeup except for some lipstick and go merrily on with life as long as we do it with dignity and safety for our fragile bodies. The experts make a lot of sense. Careful dressing assures our families that our minds are clear and sensible, and we are protecting our bodies from harm. Who knows if that kind of fashion sense might even inspire the kids to buy us emergency buttons to wear around our necks? I respectfully disagree, unless, of course, you actually want to dress that way. If you do, then go for it. If your idea of a fun and comfortable dress includes the bright and unique clothing that once graced your closet, then find the thrift shop where you donated them and buy them back. If you dress the way that makes you feel good about yourself, you will naturally look just right.

Don’t be afraid of your body, instead use it to make your life better. Sure, you could fall and hurt yourself, but if you have wanted to go down that giant water slide for years, remember that life is full of risks, so take the ones that make you happy. Listen to the experts that matter. Get your vaccine, eat healthy, have your checkups, never stop being fearless, and ignore the advice that doesn’t fit the way you want to live your life.

Medicare Jet-Setters give living life your way a groovy rating!

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