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Fait Maison

French Restaurant

152 East 5th Street #3832, Edmond, OK 73034

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

“Ooh la la,” I whispered along with Medicare Jet-Setters and wine connoisseurs Lori Harris and Carol Kiser when we entered Fait Maison French Restaurant. The décor is gold and bold. Chandeliers abound from the ceiling, and charming French music drifts throughout the restaurant. We knew this was going to be a night to remember.

We decided to try the five-course tasting menu with wine pairing. Why not? Life is short. Drink good wine and eat good food. Maybe we were feeling a little French ourselves.

Carol, our wine expert of the group, has worked at wineries in California and is the educator for our wine club. Our server brought us the first wine and appetizers, and Carol raised her glass for a toast. “Make tonight a wine journey,” she said as we clinked our elegant wine glasses.

Yes, a little Okie came out in us, as we were impressed that we each got our own shot glass to discard our olive pits.

The aroma of fresh-baked bread drifted to our table. So many breads to choose from; what were we to do? Our server relieved us when he said, “I will be bringing this basket back to your table many times tonight. You can try all the loaves of bread.”

I would go back to Fait Maison for the bread alone. The first bread I tried was the Country Bread. It contained pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Oh my, it was terrific. Lori tried the olive bread. She said, “The bread has a soft taste of olives, is crusty on the outside, but soft on the inside. Perfection.”

We had a great salmon dish paired with a Sauvignon Blanc. Carol decided it was time to test Lori and me to see what we learned from the wine club. Lori impressed me as she sipped it and said, “This wine is not grassy but earthy.”

Carol helped us explore the taste more by bringing our attention to the minor hint of smoke with a fruit-forward explosion of flavor.

Our sommelier, Alex, made us laugh with his explanation of the history of wine tasting. He said, “You eat good food, drink good wine, and get a little drunk.”

Then Alex added, “When you are tasting wine, it will never be like the heavens open up, and God says, “You got it! It tastes like cherries and chocolate.” Alex continued, “Wine is what it tastes like to you.”

We discussed coming again and trying their more expensive wine-tasting dinner. Alex overheard us and said, “It’s hard to widen your experience by thinking wine must be expensive. If that is where you want to invest your money and time, then stay with the expensive bottles. However, you can learn much about wine tasting by experimenting with lower-priced wines and then moving to the more luxurious versions.”

One of our courses was a fantastic fish dish. Alex described it as God’s thumbprint on fish. He was right.

The chardonnay paired perfectly with the fish. Lori found it to be a gorgeous wine with a long finish.

Carol plucked a bacon bread out of the basket and paired it with a red wine blend. I asked, “How is it?”

Carol smiled and said, “I want more, I want more.”

Her answer said it all.

Each course brought new dishes, silver, and crystal glasses to our table. As carefully planned as each wine pairing was with each course, the same attention to detail was evident with the design of every plate and platter.

I had not tasted lamb in a long time. When I placed a piece of the meat in my mouth, I thought, “This lamb is out of this world.”

All the decadent food, the basket of never-ending breads, and the spectacular wines were concluding. Our server presented us with a plate of scrumptious desserts with a French flair. Carol reminded us, “The sweeter the dessert, the sweeter the wine to be paired.”

Our evening was expensive, but it was worth every cent. The three of us were wined and dined from six p.m. to nine p.m. We toasted each other with our final wine, a glass of beautiful champagne. I asked Alex one last question, “What does Fait Maison mean?

He smiled and answered, “Made in our house.”

When you go to Fait Maison, give the Fait Maison professionals the key, and they will drive you on your wine journey.

Fait Maison gets a groovy Medicare Jet-Setters review.

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