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First Watch

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Something touching happened last week at the OKC First Watch location. One of our servers was a young man, probably in his early twenties. I noticed the beautiful gold chain with an angel charm around his neck. I asked, “Is there a special meaning to your necklace?”

He replied, “Yes.”

I encouraged him to continue. He placed his hand on the angel, paused a moment as if reflecting, and explained, “It belonged to my grandmother. She wore it all the time. She died eight years ago, and I put it on that day and have never taken it off.”

Those few sentences that the young man shared with me started my day off with a feeling of warmth in my heart, and I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee yet.

Two years ago, Natalie Johnson treated me to an excellent meal at First Watch in Plano, Texas. Texans must love First Watch because my second trip to a different First Watch was in McKinney, Texas. Natalie’s mother, Gayla Fredrick, took me to that one. My third visit happened just last week in OKC, with my friend Becky Grantham. I enjoyed it all three times. First Watch is a chain; however, after eating at three of their locations, all in different towns and states, I now have proof they are consistently good wherever you go. Each of them boasts a relaxing atmosphere and excellent fresh food. First Watch deserves a long-overdue Medicare Jetsetters groovy rating.

I have enjoyed a fresh chopped chicken salad and ate the avocado toast twice. Your order comes to your table beautifully presented, and the service is outstanding. If you love coffee, you are in for a real treat. The coffee at First Watch is called Project Sunrise Coffee. It is a unique blend that is always freshly made for your breakfast or lunch. The beans are Arabica beans from Huila, Colombia. Female farmers harvest the beans, and First Watch has partnered with them paying a premium price for their harvest and presenting them with partnership plaques to show their gratitude. May I suggest, next time you want a hot cup of coffee, go to First Watch? Not only will you get a great cup of java, but you will also be supporting female farmers.

It was a beautiful day at First Watch last week. I had the privilege of dining with one of the sweetest ladies I know, my food and coffee were outstanding, and I got to hear a story of the love a young man kept in his heart for his grandmother.

Medicare Jet-Setters give First Watch a groovy rating.

For more information, visit their website at

Check them out on Facebook at

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