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Holiday on Ice

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Warning to our Medicare Jet-Setter readers:

Ice skating is the self-propulsion of a person across a sheet of ice, using metal-bladed ice skates to glide on the ice surface.

The Stutchman family gathered for our family Christmas in Enid on Saturday and Sunday of last week. The three A’s, Abby, Ara, and Adam bounced out of their dads’ truck and ran into the house. It was not long until the pretty wrapping paper and bows were flying everywhere. Empty boxes littered the carpet as the kids tore into them to see what gift Santa left. The aroma of turkey, ham, and rolls signaled time to eat. A delicious feast found its way to our stomachs. The adults let their food digest while the A’s and Gabe ran through the house screaming and laughing. Zack, who is seventeen, was observing and laughing at the adults.

Sunday morning, the three A’s had energy to burn. Maybe it had something to do with the pancakes and syrup served for breakfast. Abby, Ara, and Adam live in Plano, Texas, where recreation places are as plentiful as fast-food joints. Their grandpa suggested we all visit the new ice-skating rink in downtown Enid. None of the three A’s had ever ice skated before. Grampa was proud he found something new for the grandchildren to experience, and he would get to watch them.

A friendly lady took the money and found the kids the perfect skates. On wobbly legs, Abby and Ara entered the ice-skating rink with the look of first-time excitement. Both girls clutched the sides of the rink as they found their footing. It was not long before their confidence kicked in, and they were skating round and round and not holding on to the sides. Adam, who is four, found ice-skating a bit on the scary side. He tried and then retreated to the arms of his dad. Adam and his dad found the food truck and enjoyed a Frito-Chili-Pie.

Holiday on Ice is well-maintained and full of smiling people having fun. You need to get to Holiday on Ice fast because they will close on January 3rd. It is an enjoyable place to take the grandchildren for us baby boomers, or if you are a brave soul, to slip on a pair of skates and see if you can keep from falling.

Try out your ice-skating skills on New Year’s Eve at Holiday on Ice. Lace-up your skates and say good riddance to 2020 as you skate under the starlit sky and spin your way into 2021.

Holiday on ice is located at 400 N. Independence.

For hours and prices, check out their website at Downtown Enid Ice Rink (

For more information, go to their Facebook page at Holidays on Ice in Downtown Enid | Facebook

Holiday on Ice gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review.

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