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Huzzah Everyone

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

I love to go to a fair with show animals and booths, and people trying to sell everything from pots and pans to tractors. The mouthwatering scent of corn dogs, fried everything, and funnel cakes are everywhere, tempting the taste buds. Live music and magic acts make for a fun day.

I haven’t been to a fair since last year, but I did go to a faire just a few days ago. This event marked the 20th anniversary of the Renaissance faire in Muskogee. If you have been to a Renaissance Faire before, chances are you want to go back. If you have never been to one and decide to go, you have a real treat ahead.

The faire takes you back to the time of Lords and Ladies, fairies, and Knights, not as it was but as we wish it were. You can buy mead from a tavern wench, a handmade sword from a talented craftsman, or a wooden sword for the kids. There are belly dancers to watch or even join. You can help weave a Maypole.

There is a human chess match that is guaranteed to bring a laugh and a lineup of acts to appeal to anyone. One of my favorites is the Washerwomen, who doesn’t make me laugh so much as howl with glee. They gently embarrass willing victims from the audience as they wash very wet clothing. If you don’t want to get sprinkled, I recommend setting further back a little. You can see a juggler who appears to know how to defy gravity, and as a bonus for the ladies, he is a handsome gray-haired gentleman. Be sure not to miss the jousting.

You can be part of the fun if you want by wearing a costume. Don’t call it that because its official name is garb. If you don’t choose to wear one but wish you had one after you arrive, you can buy one that will turn you into a fairy, a gypsy, a knight in armor, or even a King or Queen. Guys, don’t forget to pick up a kilt while you are there.

I would guess that more than half the visitors choose to dress the part. There was a Viking dad and Lady in Waiting, a mom with their astronaut son, and a fairy astronaut daughter, so what you wear is only limited to your imagination.

Yes, there is a real castle where you can listen to the singers share their music and funny stories while drinking a cold beer or soda and taking a break at the tables and chairs. You can attend a banquet in another room, and in the central room, you can find the queen going about her duties with royal pomp. There is also a torture chamber to tour if you are in the mood for a scare.

You will also be able to buy a tee shirt or magic spell in the castle. Unlike the actual 15th century, there are restrooms in the castle and plenty more on the grounds.

It was a chilly day for us which inspired me to pursue the racks of cloaks. I passed this one and that one thinking they were too expensive until I found a cloak that was just right and, um, you only live once.

Unlike other Medicare Jetsetter reviews, this place is loud, and there is walking, but in defense of the noise, it isn’t so loud that you can’t have a conversation. Although walking is part of the adventure, there are benches everywhere to sit and watch the very interesting people.

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