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Kirby's Cafe

Kirby's Café

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Cheers for Kirby's.

I lived in the same town of Enid, Oklahoma, for seventy-two of my seventy-four years. My tribe was there. Everywhere I went, I would see at least one person I knew. It is a comfortable feeling to be surrounded by friends. However, Enid is also a town too full of memories. I needed a change. The time came to move forward in my life, instead of living in the past. At age seventy-two, I moved. I am a Medicare Jet-Setter, and I believe in myself and continuing to live a life full of adventures.

My new hometown is not strange to me since I have family in Okmulgee. However, instead of friends who were not relatives, I only had potential friends. Linda Pope is a lady who knows me well. She also knew a couple who lived in Okmulgee. Linda thought her friends and I would be a good match. She introduced me to Dale and Rosie. She was right! Dale and Rosie quickly became my first friends in Okmulgee to whom I was not blood-related. It was a good start.

During my first months in town, when I still needed my GPS to find my way home, I began exploring. I found a beautiful one-hundred-year-old library and family-owned shops that offered unique selections of merchandise not found in big box stores. I located a shop that sold handmade beadwork and clothing made by local Native Americans. That store did not have made in China on a single item. The clerk knew who created the articles and could explain the work involved in making the beautiful intricate beading. I stumbled on an antique shop that was a local history lesson, as well as a store. I discovered shop after unique shop.

Then I spotted a place well known to me. Long before I even thought about moving to Okmulgee, a visit with my family usually included a trip to Kirby's restaurant. Everyone at Kirby's seemed to know each other. That restaurant is where our kids often ran across their friends and introduced us. Because of the warmth that flowed between staff and customers, it felt like one big family. Kirby's reminded me of the TV show "Cheers," well almost, since Kirby's is a restaurant instead of a bar, and they don't sell adult beverages. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Kirby's offers basic Okie food. Hamburgers, chicken fried chicken, and chicken fried steaks. Delicious fries made from potatoes peeled and cut right there are a must-have. They have daily specials of pork chops, salad, and soups, which will please your taste buds. Pies that, no matter how full you are, you will find room for because they look so good. Kirby's is known for its perfectly prepared comfort food. All these delights are served by a staff that soon learns your preferences and your name. One day I walked into Kirby's and got a hello from my friends Dale and Rosie. I knew people. Even more surprising, I no longer needed my GPS to find my way to Okmulgee's very own version of Cheers.

Reporter Willow LaMunyon gives Kirbys a Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating.

For more information check Kirby's out on Facebook at

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