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Kirby's Prime Steakhouse

At WinStar Casino

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

When your son lives in Texas and the rest of the family lives in Oklahoma, where is the perfect spot to meet? The answer is WinStar Casino. The next question is, when you want to have a relaxed, quiet atmosphere, no rush dinner, where do you eat? The answer is Kirby's Prime Steakhouse inside the casino.

Kirby's atmosphere and service are refined and sophisticated. White linen tablecloths and napkins adorn each table, while old-school Las Vegas lounge tunes softly piped throughout the restaurant create an upscale ambiance. The hostess led us to our table, and immediately the server had fresh, ice-cold water in front of us and handed us the wine and cocktail menu.

You need reservations to dine at Kirby's. Make your arrangements online. They don't respond to phone call bookings.

I ordered a Pinot Noir by the stem called Primarius. It is an Oregon Pinot. The wine turned out to be an excellent choice to compliment my fish. I learned Pinot Noir is one of the few red wines that pair excellently with fish.

Next, our family ordered appetizers. We had the shrimp cocktail, calamari, and fried pickles. Ryan, the family's son, and chef for his large family, gave the calamari a thumbs up. He informed us the calamari was not chewy and cooked to perfection. Horace, the dad of the group, who is a connoisseur of shrimp cocktails and sauces, said that the cocktail sauce was great, and the shrimp was fresh. Ginger, the daughter and a great cook herself, said the pickles had a tasty batter.

For the entrees, we had oven-baked redfish. The fish was hazelnut, white cheddar & parmesan encrusted, and cooked in beurre blanc with haricot verts. On the side were green beans soaked in garlic butter. The redfish is a delicacy.

Also ordered was a ten-ounce blue ribbon filet mignon in Roquefort sauce. A mushroom risotto proved to be a perfect side dish to the filet. Each bite of the steak was perfection. The steak was charred on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The word to describe the mushroom risotto is impressive.

We also had two seafood towers brought to the table. The towers consisted of lobster, shrimp, oysters, and crab. Each item is fresh and beautiful, even down to the very details of the lemons wrapped in a mesh and tied with a ribbon for squeezing. I got all the oysters since the rest of the family believes there are no good oysters. They were wrong. The oysters were remarkable.

Ryan announced, "I have eaten so much I am sick of food," as he was dipping his fork into the blueberry cheesecake.

We also ended with a crème Brulee. Ginger described it by saying, “This crème Brulee is so creamy it feels like butter melting in your mouth.”

Kirby's Prime Steakhouse at WinStar Casino is a perfect place to gather the adult members, not the children, of the family when you are looking for someplace quiet, with excellent food and service, and you have time to really talk and enjoy each other.

Yes, after the meal, we did our part by contributing to the slot machines.

Kirby's Prime Steakhouse gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating.

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For more information, go to Kirby's Steakhouse Menu - Steak, Seafood, and More (

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