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Kylie's Kreations

Personalized desserts and treats - made to order!

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Customer service and excellent products are important to the Medicare Jet-Setter generation. We grew up in a time when you pulled your car up to a pump, and an attendant would run out to fill up your vehicle. Besides pumping your gas, he cleaned your windows, checked your oil, and there was no extra charge. The service did not stop there. The attendant would run back into the station, get your bill, that was always attached to a clipboard, and you would pay him for the gas. All these extras were standard procedures when we pulled into the station to get our gas tanks filled. At some stations, we even got china or glasses for being a frequent and loyal customer. If you grew up as a baby-boomer, this type of customer care was common.

I recently needed some catering and contacted Kylies Kreations. Kylie specializes in desserts and sweet treats. While scrolling through the pictures of her goodies, I picked three. One of the photographs had gold dust on the food. I thought that made them look so elegant in the pictures. I felt a tad hesitant because I needed the items to be both beautiful and tasty. I had never tasted or seen her creations other than in pictures. I took a deep breath, plunged in, and ordered a hundred and fifty dollars’ worth of sweets.

Kylies Kreations understands customer service. She handpicked through the fresh strawberries she purchased. She discarded any of the berries that were not up to her standards. Kylie goes for perfection when she personalizes an order.

I also ordered the chocolate and vanilla covered pretzels with the gold dust sprinkled over them for a look of class. Every pretzel was flawless. Not a single broken pretzel was in the bunch.

Katina, the mother of the owner of Kylies Kreations, suggested I try the marshmallows dipped in caramel and covered in chocolate. How could anyone resist that combination of ingredients?

The customer service kicked in the day I needed the food. Katina delivered my order on time. All the food was fresh and just as beautiful as the pictures. Katina offered to arrange it on my party trays. However, the service did not stop there—an extra strawberry, pretzel, and marshmallow were made. The purpose of the extra one was for me to taste them to make sure they were what I expected. The treats and sweets were pieces of art, they tasted amazing, and they were delivered when promised.

I highly recommend Kylie’s Kreations for your next event or Christmas parties when you want to WOW everyone. After writing this article, I will order some more chocolate-covered strawberries for our wine tasting club next Saturday.

For more information and to see photos check out their page on Facebook at

You can call Kylie’s Kreations at 405.410.5376

Kylie’s Kreations get a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy review.

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