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Martini’s Law Sunset Cruise

Have you ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset?

Guess what, you can do just that on Lake Hefner when you book a sunset cruise with Martini’s Law.

When you experience the sunset cruise, all your stress magically disappears. Sit back and breathe in the sweet-smelling air. On this cruise, as the boat floats into the sunset, you will experience a miracle. The water, the sun, and the clouds will swirl together to produce the most exquisite painting your mind can imagine. The sunset on Lake Hefner is like all the invisible qualities of nature have joined together to show you its power, magnificence, and glory.

Are you looking for a romantic evening? Martini’s Law knows how to evoke an atmosphere of romance. The boat has speakers with music softly playing in the background. Scrumptious treats of shrimp cocktails and hummus to enjoy are also part of the experience. Once the sun has set and the lake becomes dark, the twinkle lights are powered on to create an enchanted boat on the water.

Captain Andrew and his first mate Sarah are the owners of Martini’s Law Sunset Cruise. If you are scratching your head wondering why you have never heard about this sunset cruise before, it is because this is their first year in business. Even with COVID-19, they said they have stayed busy. Both Captain Andrew and Sarah wore masks for the entire cruise. They also book fewer people, so there is adequate spacing between seats. The guests are not required to wear a mask while on the open-air boat.

If you are worried that something this marvelous might break the bank, I am pleased to let you know it is only thirty dollars per person. Our cruise lasted an hour and a half. You will need to make reservations and the time of departure changes in accordance with the time the sunsets. Captain Andrew said they would probably close the sunset cruise sometime mid-September. If you want to experience this marvelous adventure, book it right after you finish reading this article.

Thank you, Margaret and Bill Brown, for finding out about this adventure, booking it, and sharing it with us. It is groovy to have good friends like you two.

For more information check out their web page at

Or find them on Facebook at

Martini’s Law Sunset Cruise gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating.

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