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MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon Goes Undercover

Masks, Giggles, Cosmetic Surgery, and Quilts

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating

By MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

I have a wild imagination, but it is not wild enough to envision myself walking into a bank wearing a mask just like a TV bank robber. So, when it actually happened, I wasn't prepared to see the teller masked right along with me. We have become used to wearing masks. However, the day the bank lobby opened up, entering the bank in bank robber fashion was a new thing. The masks looked as crazy as it gets considering I was standing in the lobby of a bank. I stepped up to make my transaction with the masked teller and instantly became acutely aware of the fabric on my face. I totally lost it. First, I accidentally let out a little giggle that prompted another and another. The teller heard those giggles and realized how interesting we must look in a bank, both wearing masks, and a giggle wiggled out from behind her mask. Our giggles turned to full-blown laughs made all the stronger since we couldn't see one another's faces.

Yes, masks are worn for the very serious business of keeping us alive. However, no law says we can't have fun with them as well. Today I am reviewing fun with masks. The first few weeks, all masks looked hospital regulation, but they were running short, so the clothing companies got involved along with everyone who knew their way around a sewing machine. As quick as that, masks got interesting. Masks have become statement apparel.

Put away the lipstick and foundation. Ignore your wrinkle cream. They are unnecessary because you have started your mask collection. If bling is your thing, you finally have your chance to sparkle up your face. If your sense of humor loves to come out, you can wear a mask with a big smile or growl. There are masks to make you look like a lion mid roar or a special order of your own mouth and nose. Special order types of masks can be made from a picture of 20 years ago. Who needs cosmetic surgery when you can have a mask?

The time will come when we don't need masks anymore. When that happens, grab your sewing machine and make a quilt out of them. For the present, you are saving lives, and with a little luck, enjoying a good laugh with your bank teller.

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