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Mr. Donut

Mr. Donut in Plano, Texas

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Review

“OMG,” I said when I took my first bite of my Mr. Donut.

Last week I was taking care of my son, Ryan Stutchman, his three kids, and helping his wife. I was cooking two to three meals a day, plus after school snacks. On my last day there, I had planned to cook breakfast, but my desire to prepare another meal disappeared. I knew donuts would be the perfect solution. Through trial and error, I learned if something had sugar, butter, and bread in the ingredients, the grandkids would love it, and I would get to see them smile.

At six in the morning, I drove a couple of miles and saw the lights beckoning me from the Mr. Donut shop. The instant I stepped out of my car, I could smell the delicious smell of the dough frying.

A nice young lady greeted me, and she smiled as I kept ordering donut after donut. The designs on the round sweets were like works of art. I ordered a couple that said love on them and ones that looked like soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs. She even threw in some fresh donut holes.

I could not wait to taste them. Even though it was only a two-mile drive, I dove into a chocolate twist. It melted in my mouth. I had found paradise at the Mr. Donut shop.

My granddaughters picked the love designs, while my grandson went for the football and soccer ball donuts. My son and his wife enjoyed the sweets and the sausage wraps I purchased there also.

If you live in Plano, Texas, or are just visiting, treat yourself to one of the best donuts you will ever put in your mouth. Mr. Donut is located at 3505 E Park Blvd Ste 330, Plano, TX 75074.

For more information, check them out on Facebook at

Mr. Donut gets a Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating, and I got smiles from my grandchildren.

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