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My First Time

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon Medicare Jet-Setters gives any senior doing something for the first time a groovy salute.

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, was only half over, and I knew I had a long day in store for me. It was election day. This particular day marks my first time to work at an election polling place. I am a woman in her seventies who still wants to contribute to the overall good of America. Volunteering my time while helping with our countries voting process was the perfect solution.

My assigned precinct was in the small town of Henryetta, Oklahoma. Henryetta is among the top in my list of friendly towns. The ladies I worked with are truly dedicated to protecting our freedom to vote for whoever we want. I want to introduce you to Jessie Brydges. In her own words, she explained why she is working this extended day. "I cannot do much, but I can work here and allow people to vote for what they believe in," she stated.

"Today, I have generally seen the best of people. Everyone is happy to vote, even though many are voting against each other. While there was a lot of panic around the election, today shows the majority are still understanding and kind," Jessie said.

Adrian Owen was working as the clerk. She is a college student who is experiencing her first year to vote in a presidential election and her first time as a poll worker. She learned about being an election officer through an article in the newspaper explaining the need for poll workers in this presidential election. Adrian wanted to help. She is the youngest of us at the Henryetta polling place but takes her job as a clerk very seriously. She understands the importance of this election and desires to be of service to her community and country during this historical moment in history.

Shirley McCowen was our inspector, aka the one who knows what she is doing. Because this is a presidential election, it is of special importance. Shirley said, "This is a scary time with no one who has worked an election during a pandemic before."

Shirley added, "The voter turnout was heavy. We started working at six in the morning and finished around eight in the evening, making it a long day."

Shirley has worked Oklahoma elections for eight or maybe nine years and over that time has met lots of very nice people.

Finally, we have the voters, the reason we volunteer. 100% of them came in wearing a mask with zero complaints. People arrived and left in a steady stream that made for short lines yet allowed us to serve many voters. Their coming and going almost looked like a flash dance. I got to witness the two opposing sides in this hard-fought battle taking a minute to say, "Glad to see you. "

If I was dreaming, don't wake me up. It was democracy at its finest.

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