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On the Water Stage at the Myriad Gardens

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Everybody needs a Margaret Brown in their life. She finds the rare gems of things to do and puts her plan into action. Because of Margaret, Medicare Jet-Setters gets to experience and review events, and places that otherwise we would not even know were happening. Margaret said, “We need to laugh. It has been a long year. Let’s go to see ‘Nunsense.’”

Once again, Margaret Brown’s idea was spot-on groovy. Sitting outside at the water stage of the Myriad Gardens is an experience to enjoy even before the play begins. The scenery is lush with green trees, thick grass, and a beautifully maintained sunken lake. The stage is surrounded by water on three sides, right smack dab in the lake! As the sun sets, a blanket of stars in the sky makes this night enchanting. The seats have backs which makes it more comfortable for us baby boomers. There are some stairs to manage, but if you ask one of the hosts, there is an elevator you can take to get to the stage seating.

‘Nunsense,’ the title explains the play perfectly. The entire cast is an extraordinarily talented group of women who you will believe have been nuns all their life. Each nun has her unique, quirky personality, some life problems, and big dreams. When the nuns sing, you can’t help but tap your feet to the lively rhythms.

One of the sisters’ daydreams of being a ballerina. A magical transformation happens when she removes her practical black shoes and replaces them with bright yellow ballet slippers. Even though still dressed in her full habit, she turns into an elegant, graceful swan, taking over the stage. Someday she fantasizes about wearing a tutu.

In this sisterhood of nuns on stage, you will be sure to find one of them with dreams and troubles that you can relate to in your life. They are wisecracking, and their jokes send laughter throughout the audience.

If you have trouble hearing, I suggest you come early to get one of the seats near the stage. Because the play is outside, there is some competing noise from traffic and people walking by. Medicare Jet-Setter Neil Johnson has a way of solving this problem. He pulled the synopsis of the play up on his phone, including the synopsis of the songs. By doing this he could follow along when he had trouble hearing from the seats that were a distance from the stage. That is a groovy tip!

For us baby boomers that loved Sally Field in the TV series “The Flying Nun,” there is even a reference to that show that will make a Baby Boomer laugh.

Covid precautions are taken. Masks are required when going to your seat. However, it is acceptable to take your mask off while watching the play. The seats are socially distanced.

Thank you, Lyric Theatre, for bringing us a high-quality performance in a beautiful setting and letting us experience some ‘Nunsense’ in our lives.

For more information, check out the Lyric Theatre Facebook Page at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma | Facebook

‘Nunsense,’ gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

• When: Through May 9. • Where: Myriad Gardens Water Stage, 301 W Reno Ave. • Tickets and information: or 405-524-9312.

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