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Pet Peeves

Wednesday Stories

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

You know it's petty. You know there are so many big problems in the world that you shouldn't even think about it, but you are still bothered. Yes, I am talking about pet peeves.

Don't feel bad or heartless because they are part of our everyday lives, and everyone has their own pet peeves, which are often the same things that are shared by just about everyone else. So here is my top 10 list of things that make your blood pressure go up in no special order.

1- Cars that tailgate. Personally, I slow down for tailgaters. They must appreciate it because I almost always get a little wave when they finally pass me, but they are always in such a hurry they only use one finger. You don't have to be embarrassed about this one because tailgaters are a safety hazard; all you need to do is make an emergency stop and BANG.

2- This one came from Major Stokes, who is my electrician. He told me in a very decisive voice, "People who don't keep their word."

I agree wholeheartedly. Most people, including myself, have been put into a difficult spot because someone agreed to do a job, volunteer, or paid, and then just didn't. If anyone has ever told you that you need to delegate work and you laughed in their face, you have experienced the pet peeve of a person who doesn't keep their word.

3-Children who are loud and run around in restaurants, unsupervised. I would say that children never bother me. I would say it, but I wouldn't mean it. There is nothing like a 3-year-old with sticky hands grabbing your clothes as you attempt to stand up or a couple of grade-schoolers arguing at the top of their lungs. Then there is my favorite; someone's precious baby crying at a sound barrier-breaking noise. I realize some of these children have problems or situations we don't know about, and it feels wrong to complain. We never know the situation they are living under; so, I won't complain. Instead, I will wish to slap the parents who are the real cause of restaurant nerves.

4-Standing in long lines. There is so much to do, and the days fly past. There we are, standing behind other people who want to be making better use of their time just like you. After a while, when you are getting close to the front of the line and breathing a sigh of relief, someone cuts in front of you with a time-consuming need. You politely tap them on the shoulder and remind the boorish person that it is your turn coming up. You are told their time is more important than yours because they are running late for work, and grandma is about to die while supper is burning on the stove at home. The wait just got longer while that awful time thief gives you a Cheshire cat smile. If thoughts could kill, this world would have fewer rude people.

5-Getting the wrong takeout food and discovering it after you get home. There are decisions to be made. Do you go back and get your order fixed? Do you deal with it and eat whatever you have? You also remember promising yourself that you would check the order before leaving the eatery and sigh because you forgot all about that promise.

Oh, and one more very little pet peeve that bugs everyone. Flies, ants, mosquitoes, gnats, and all those tiny things that can ruin outdoor time.

Take a deep breath and smile because pet peeves are minor inconveniences in the many beautiful daily pet pleasures like a blue sky or the soothing sounds of raindrops. Like strangers who smile at you. Like the driver who lets you into a busy lane of traffic. Like the wag of a dog's tail or a cat's purr. Like a hug. Like a good conversation.

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