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Pho Cuong

Medicare Jet-Setter, Neil Johnson, has been ordering #18 at Pho Cuong for the last twenty years. He said he loves Pho, and Pho Cuong makes the best in Oklahoma City. #18 is Pho Ga. The bowl is a noodle soup with shredded chicken breast and beef broth. A heaping plate of bean sprouts and several other accompaniments come with the meal. There is such a generous portion of shredded chicken breast and noodles that Neil eats his soup with chopsticks.

Neil has been a loyal customer because the quality of his Pho is consistent. The restaurant is not fancy. It is a little green building at 3016 N. Classen Blvd. The eatery is always clean, and the chairs are comfortable. He also notes that it is very economical to eat at Pho Cuong. The small bowl of Pho he orders would be considered a large size at many establishments.

In addition to his Pho, Neil usually starts each meal with an egg roll. It is full of flavor. The egg roll is hot and fresh. Steaming tea in a china cup is the perfect beverage to compliment your meal.

The Gazette and Edmond Edibles have featured Pho Cuong. The restaurant is known as a Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup House and is famous for its excellent beef broth. The secret behind the broth is the use of whole spices, and they let the broth simmer for up to ten hours.

There is a steady stream of customers at any time of day. One look around and you will notice it is a gathering place for diversity. Cultures of every ethnicity come together to enjoy the exceptional food at Pho Cuong.

Neil treated me to lunch there, and yes, it was not very sophisticated of me, but I picked up my bowl of Pho and drank it to enjoy it to the last drop.

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Pho Cuong gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating. Please stop by and tell them you heard about them from the Medicare Jet-Setters.

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