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Picasso Café

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Medicare Jet-Setter friend Linda Pope and I were in the Paseo Art District in OKC. Our stomachs were letting us know it was time to feed them. We weren't in the mood for a fancy, high-priced dinner. We just wanted to go someplace cozy, with good food and reasonably priced. Someone suggested we try the Picasso Café.

The Picasso Café, located at 3009 Paseo Dr. OKC, OK 73103, turned out to be the perfect spot for Linda and me to enjoy our dinner.

As all buildings in the Paseo Art District tend to have their own unique design, The Picasso Café was bursting with flair. The floor was a diamond-shaped design. Original paintings consumed all the wall space and were a joy to the eye. A cute inviting private dining room for about eight people was available. We watched as a group of women were enjoying their time together in that cozy space. An outside patio faced the street. The court was the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine, and people watch.

I ordered a small plate called the Trio. It came heaped with a spinach, artichoke & triple cream cheese dip, hummus, kalamata tapenade, and herbed mozzarella flatbread. Anything with triple cream cheese is groovy. My food was fresh and colorful. I would describe it as edible art.

Linda ordered the Pad Thai. Her plate was a palate of rainbow vegetables, vegan fish sauce, peanuts, chili paste, and tofu. She savored each bite.

We finished our meal by sharing a serving of housemade beignets and a steaming cup of their housemade cold brew coffee. The sweet smell of fresh beignets whisked us away on a magic carpet ride to the Café du Monde in New Orleans, where the coffee and beignets are legendary. Picasso Café tasted and felt like we were enjoying our dessert in the heart of New Orleans. I think I even heard the traditional blend of jazz and ragtime music playing in the background.

Picasso Café is a Humankind Hospitality Restaurant. I was not sure what that meant, so I researched. HumanKind Hospitality was born in the heart of the Historic Paseo Arts District in December of 2009, with the opening of Picasso Cafe and The Other Room bar, by Shaun Fiaccone and Kim Dansereau. They thrive by investing in their people, their spaces, and the culture that drives them - the practiced belief: "We are All HumanKind Serving Humankind."

For more information, go to

Or visit them on Facebook at Picasso Cafe | Facebook

Picasso Café gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

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