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Red Door Escape Room

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

There were six of us ranging in age from thirteen to sixty-six. One guess on who the sixty-six-year-old lady might be. What could we do together that everyone would enjoy doing?

We decided to try the Red Door Escape Room. I was a little; I mean a lot, nervous. So was Melissa, who is in her forties. We didn’t know if it would require incredible feats of physical endurance. Would we be tied up in a dark room? I just hoped we would make it out in one piece and alive.

The Red Door Escape Room is in the OKC Chisholm Creek area, filled with restaurants, bars, shops, Top Golf, and many fun places. I studied the different escape rooms on the website. I decided on the Prison Break Escape experience. The Prison Break and The Warriors Way have a difficulty level of medium. There is the Last Stop Escape for a first-time suggestion. For family-friendly escapes, you can choose Fair Game, which is considered easier than the other choices. Time Machine is considered very hard with only a ten percent chance of escape. Time Machine Escape is for those experienced in escape rooms for a big challenge.

As we entered the Prison Break adventure, we found out quickly it was a game of using your wits, figuring out clues, and putting pieces of the puzzle together by using brainpower! Natalie, one of our group in her late thirties, jumped right into the game, finding a lockbox, and figuring out the clues for us to open it. The teenagers with us worked hard at the brain games, without phones or computers. You could see the wheels turning in their heads. It took all of us to figure out the patterns that guided us to find the next clue.

The timer buzzed. Silence filled the room. Somebody from the outside world released the lock. We were set free from our prison. Excitement showed in our eyes and conversation. We all had fun. It was a great bonding time, it felt good to use our brains collectively, and we all want to go back and try another escape room.

Medicare Jet-Setters challenges you to try an escape room experience.

Medicare Jet-Setters gives Red Door Escape a groovy rating.

To experience Red Door Escape Room, drive to 13230 Pawnee Dr., Suite 212, OKC, OK 73114

For more information, go to Things To Do in OKC | Red Door Escape Room Chisholm Creek | Oklahoma City, OK

Or check them out on Facebook at Red Door Escape Room | Facebook

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