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Reiki by Michelle

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

I feel fabulous.

I am in a great mood.

My body feels renewed.

I can't wrap my mind around how it works, but it did.

I had scheduled an hour and a half Reiki session with Michelle. Feeling skeptical as I was driving to her house, I kept telling myself, "Have an open mind."

I had won a Reiki session at a silent auction fundraiser. It sounded like an adventure, so I bid on it. To my delight, I won.

When I called Michelle, she answered and said one word, "Hello."

Her voice was one of those very calming, touched with caring tones. She had the gift of putting skeptics like me at ease. I drove to her house for my appointment. I was a little late because I got lost. She was waiting in her front yard for me and greeted me with a beautiful smile, kind eyes, and a bit of a modern hippie look about her.

The session started when she escorted me to her Reiki room. The room was simple, with brilliant shining wood floors, a few bookcases neatly displaying some bells, and a few books. Her window was open, letting in the spring breeze, and a fan gently turned, stirring just the right amount of gentle wind.

The session started with her tenderly asking me questions both about my physical and mental health. Remember, this is the first time I ever met Michelle, and within five minutes, she knew what I was worried about and the fact my low-carb diet was causing me constipation problems.

Fully clothed, except for kicking off my high heels, I laid down on the massage table, not expecting much. Within minutes I felt bad energy leaving my body through my fingertips and toes, replaced by good soothing energy. I know, it sounds impossible. I would not have believed it myself. I felt the heat from Michelle's hands hovering half an inch above me, yet I had the sensation of being massaged.

She asked where I carried my tension. "In my jaw," I answered.

She placed her hands above my jawline. It felt as if my face were suddenly on fire. I have not carried any tension in my jaw for over a week now. Finally, my mouth feels relaxed.

From Michelle Berte's brochure, she explains what Reiki is.

Rei—Spiritual Wisdom (other words, you may prefer spiritual – God, Source, Universal Mind/Consciousness)

Ki—Life Energy (Vital Life Force, Universal Life Energy)

Why Reiki?

Reiki is a healing method done clothed, on a massage table, can be done without touching the body, and is used with all the following and more:

Healing, Forgiveness, Guidance, Relaxation, Intention, Energy, Joy, Love, Gratitude, Connection, Illness, Ailments, Pain Relief, Peace, Purpose, Wisdom, Life Force, Hope, and more!

Reiki is used in hospitals in the United States. Just a few that offer Reiki are:

· Yale, New Haven Hospital, Connecticut

· Harvard University, Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts

· Stanford Medical Center, California

· Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

· Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, New York

· MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

In case you were wondering, I am no longer constipated since my session. The skeptic in me still does not understand how Reiki works and is so powerful. All I know is, I will be back, and I will continue to try to figure out how Reiki works. Or maybe I won't, and just enjoy the out and in of energy.

To find out more, you can contact Michelle for details at 505.603.3556 or email her at

Medicare Jet-Setters give Reiki by Michelle a groovy rating.

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