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Sister Adventures

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Sis and I firmly believe in caring for others and ourselves by wearing masks. We also remember that instead of goodbye, our dad would say, "Have some fun." We take wearing masks and his advice seriously, so when we write about our adventures, we go to places that are both fun and follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. Sister Adventures I can always count on two things in my Christmas stocking from my sister, Shelley Stutchman. One is a decorative turtle, and the other is an adventure.

Last weekend we celebrated our holiday together while helping to keep the number of guests at our homes on the big day down. The loss of a dear sister of the soul almost caused me to cancel the weekend, but there was nothing I could do to help her family who live in another town, and with the encouragement of those who know me best, I started my journey several hours late and after a COVID-19 quick test.

Deep in thought, I drove past a couple of turns that caused me to be later than planned, but nice to match exactly with her arriving home from work. She stopped me before I went to the house next door, which proved beyond a doubt that I have no sense of direction.

Shelley's personal chef, Neil, had a delicious chicken taco soup waiting for us. It was worth the entire trip on its own. After we ate, there was time to relax and talk with enough gossip to keep the conversation interesting.

I couldn't wait to stay in the upstairs den, now bedroom, and all I can say is it gets an MJ groovy rating. I slept in luxury.

The next day's activities were full of adventures. We had lunch with a new friend neither of us had ever met before. We got to tour the lovely home she and her husband share. The end of the tour took us to their backyard and the turtle garden for real turtles. Shelley and I collect decorative turtles, but real ones blew us away. This was seriously groovy stuff.

Before we left, she surprised us with bags full of gifts, which included beautiful, polished rocks. I wondered how she knew one of my passions is rocks.

More adventures were in front of us as Shelley headed the car toward Plano, Texas. We had reserved a luxury hotel room. My nephew Ryan gave us a few minutes to settle. Then off to yet another adventure that proved not all liquor stores are the same, but I will leave it to Shelley to tell you about that.

Ryan drove us to his home, where he served another meal to remember. I am currently afraid to step on my scale. Ryan, his wife Lindsey, and their sweet children made the evening very special indeed.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of shopping, but just as my DIL Karla LaMunyon, warned us on Friday, the weather turned. There was heavy rain in Plano, heavy snow in Edmond and heavier snow in Okmulgee. We got to Shelley's in Edmond and a bonus night for me.

Fellow Medicare Jet-Setters, be healthy, have some fun, stay groovy, and Merry Christmas.

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