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Spooky Movies on Turner Broadcasting

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

I found fear. The leaves are dying and falling to the ground. The grass is dying. The extended summer daylight is dead until next spring. These signs point to the time of year when the sound of spooky movies fills the air. There are so many shows going on this time of year that we must make choices not only on the show's name but also on the style of movie that gives you the best kind of scare. There are bloody movies that try to scare by showing blood and guts. Nope, not for me since I find them to be more disgusting than spooky. Some feature monsters. Some of those are great, and the special effects are fascinating to watch. You can also choose supernatural haunts or people who do frightening things. There are plenty of good scary movies to watch in October.

While channel surfing, I stumbled upon Turner Broadcasting featuring old movies, and wow! The shows are great! Here are examples of two completely different styles I love. The other day the TV was on, but I was in and out working around the house and not paying attention to the TV until I sat down for lunch. A movie was starting called Dementia 13. My thought was, "What a dumb name." I planned to change the channel or turn it off. However, my son, Charley, made gumbo. I was eating my delicious lunch and paying a lot more attention to the gumbo than the movie, so it stayed on. Something about the flick caught my eye, and I was hooked. I don't think I even blinked before it was over, but I did continue eating. Dementia 13 was written and directed by Francis Coppola in 1963.

Dementia 13 was filmed in black and white and was Coppola's first mainstream movie. The stars were William Campbell, Patrick Magee, and Luana Anders. The movie begins with a couple, John Haloran and his wife Louise, in a rowboat after dark. They argue about the will John's mother wrote. She planned on giving all her money to charity. Louise is angry that John accepts this, and while he is rowing, he suddenly drops an oar and dies from a heart attack. Louise doesn't know what to do, but she believes she can talk to John's mother to change the will if she doesn't know that John has died. She dumped his body overboard and told the family John had to leave town on business and couldn't attend the yearly ritual ceremony of his sister's death. Louise would be there in his place.

Louise works to get the trust of Lady Haloran by making her believe the long-dead daughter's ghost speaks to her. To convince Lady Haloran that she does communicate with the daughter's ghost, Louise takes some of the girls dolls to the same pond where the daughter Kathleen, drowned, and swims down to set up her plan for the dolls to float up the next day mysteriously. After Louise finishes her work, she sees what she thinks is the perfectly preserved body of Kathleen. She panics and swims up as quickly as she can, where we see arms chopped down with an ax, and the water turns red.

The story becomes even more haunting after that, but I won't spoil it by giving away the plot. There was a remake in 2017, but I don't know how it could improve the original movie.

The second movie was The Raven, directed by Roger Corman in 1063. The cast included. Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Hazel Court, Olive Sturgess, William Baskin, Aaron Saxon, and Connie Wallace. Despite the title, this movie gives only a nod at the poem, "The Raven," by Edgar Allen Poe. This movie is a combination of comedy/ horror. It is funny, a little spooky, and very entertaining. Master magician Erasmus Craven (Price) lives a quiet and lonely life after his wife's death until a raven flies to Craven's window. The raven insists on being allowed into the room. After being allowed in, the raven, explains that he is really Adolphus Bedlo (Lorrie), transformed into a raven after losing a duel to Dr. Scarabus (Karloff). Dr. Karloff is the bad guy wizard. Bedlo convinces Craven to turn him back into a person, then confront Scarabus, who has Bedlo's magical equipment and maybe even the ghost of Craven's wife. The confrontation does not go smoothly. The Raven is the perfect movie for some light entertainment. Grab your popcorn and get into the spirit of the season.

Spooky movies on Turner Broadcasting get a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy review.

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