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STEAK The Experience

Many of you have been interested in this new steak house: STEAK The Experience. Here is our review.

STEAK The Experience 9410 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-2712 Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

When I watch old movies and the couples go to supper clubs, I always think, "I wish there were still elegant supper clubs like in the movies."

Bada Bada Bing, my wish came true! Dave and Margo Kropp joined us to discover STEAK The Experience. We got dressed in our best evening attire and met at the restaurant. Before you even enter, you know you are in for a treat. You can drive your car under the covered circle drive and use the valet. However, there is plenty of close parking, the walk to the door is short, and the pavement is flat.

An elegant hostess will greet you. You can go directly to your reserved table or stop at the bar if you're early. I didn't count the seats, but the bar is huge and looks like twenty or more people could fit comfortably around it.

The dark teal blue walls set the mood, and soft lighting gives the feeling of relaxation. You will see the Rat Pack smiling at you from their portraits hanging on the walls as you look around. White tablecloths and linen napkins always add that special touch of elegance.

Once seated, it only takes moments to feel like kings and queens as the staff caters to your every need. We skipped the appetizers because we wanted to make sure we saved room for our delicious steaks. However, when they brought the breadbasket, loaded with homemade rolls and rosemary butter, we had to break bread together.

Between the four of us, we had Salad The Experience, which is a unique salad loaded with goat cheese and a honey-truffle vinaigrette, a classic Caesar salad, and a baby wedge salad. All were fresh and bursting with flavor.

Neil and I ordered a twelve-ounce filet to share. I asked our server, a delightful lady, if they could cut our steak in half and prepare mine medium and his medium-well. It was not a problem. When I cut into my steak and tasted it, the flavor of the filet and creamy butter filled my taste buds. The chef knows how to create the perfect steak. Dave also enjoyed every bite of his while Margo savored her plate of oysters on the half shell. We had shareable sides of brussels sprouts and truffle steak fries—all delectable.

Not only do you get scrumptious food, exceptional service, and supper club ambiance, you get entertainment! The night we were there, a fabulous jazz band was playing. I love the instrumental version of the song, The Girl from Ipanema. When the band played the music, I could not help but sway a little.

If you are looking for a special evening out, impress someone, or just go there because you deserve it, head to STEAK The Experience.

STEAK The Experience gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

For more information, check out their Facebook page at

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