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Clotheslines for Peace of Mind

By MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Clotheslines Get a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

In these times of stress, almost everyone is looking for a few precious moments of peace. We meditate, we read books on how to meditate, we find the most soothing music we can, and we exhaust ourselves hunting for peace.

I have a clothesline in my back yard just like the one I had so many years ago when my boys were small, and my dryer was that clothesline. I had an urge to use it even though my dryer worked just fine.

It took some looking, but I found clothespins at Dollar Tree. I asked my son, Charley, to tighten the drooping wires. I was now ready to do more work than necessary to get my wash dry.

Hanging my wash in the cool morning breeze brought back memories not of extra work but of a chore I only hated in cold weather. Diapers flapping on the line, the next-door lady who would visit across the fence, the smell of fresh-cut grass, filled my mind. I was at peace. Since that day, I have been hanging my laundry on the line regularly, unless it is too hot outside, or I am too busy. Taking time for this old-fashioned form of housekeeping led me to the serenity of finding my peace.

I have learned that sometimes you cannot find the important things in life by looking for them. Instead, you must recognize them when they happen.

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