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Sunnyside Diner

7 E 2nd St, Edmond, OK 73034

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

“Feelin Groovy” is how you feel at the Sunnyside Diner. The building is bright and sunny, the atmosphere is upbeat, and mouth-watering food is an order away. If you go for Sunday brunch, you will get to choose from a sinfully delicious comfort food menu. The restaurant is full of lively diner noises that make you feel like a time traveler back to the fifties. However, the acoustics are fine, so you can have a conversation while enjoying the background noise that gives you the full diner experience.

You can’t help but enjoy all the black and white photos of yesteryear when you walk inside. One of the pictures was of gas station attendants in their uniforms, standing at attention, ready to fill up your tank. I remember those days. I miss those times. You can dine at the old-fashioned counter, complete with vinyl covered bar stools that swivel so you can turn to talk to everyone at the counter. The counter is precisely like the ones you see in the old black and white movies when people went to the diner for a cup of coffee and a piece of delicious pie. If sitting at the counter is not your thing, there is a section with tables and a delightful patio area. The outside spot is big with a game zone, heat lamps, and groovy bright blue chairs reminiscent of times past.

Your Medicare Jet-Setter reporters tried the Sunday Mary. It is one of the best Bloody Mary’s to be found in OKC or Edmond. It was spiced with just the right amount of zing to tickle your taste buds.

The lemon-blueberry specialty pancake came loaded with whip cream, blueberries, and a lemon sauce that made an incredible combination between sweet and tart. I recommend this pancake to those who savor the back-and-forth bounce of sweet and tangy. For a more traditional brunch favorite, the mushroom, bacon, feta omelet is worth every wicked bite. It is loaded! Of course, in true southern style, the omelet can be accompanied by hash browns, or you can choose from several other sides.

At an old-school diner, you should have servers that love their customers. Matthew Helm proved to be the perfect server to make our trip extra special. You could tell he loved interacting with his customers, he paid attention to detail, and his eyes were smiling. When he asked, “How is everything?” He stopped and waited for us to answer rather than moving on to the next customer in one disappearing motion. Matthew set the standards for what a server should be.

Sunnyside Diner is a groovy discovery.

For more information, check them out on Facebook at Sunnyside Diner Edmond | Facebook

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