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Sushi Neko Robata and Sushi Bar

I know what sushi is, and I love it. However, when my friend Becky and I decided to meet at Sushi Neko Robata and Sushi Bar, I had no idea what robata was. In case you are like me, I copied the Wikipedia meaning of robata so you will be in the know.

In Japanese cuisine, robatayaki, often shortened to robata, refers to a method of cooking, similar to barbecue in which items of food are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal.

Upon entering, I saw Becky waving to catch my attention. I glanced to the left and noticed the serene waterfall that graced the entrance. I took a moment to look at it and felt a sense of peace. As I walked to our table, I picked up on something extraordinary. That something was Karma. Sushi Neko has an unmistakable atmosphere of tranquility mixed with a touch of home.

Our server brought us each a bowl. The bowl contained a white thing about one-inch square. I was not sure if I was supposed to eat it. Our server gracefully poured hot water over the thing that looked like a sugar cube. Like magic, it turned into a hand towel. It was groovy. The heated towel felt very refreshing as I cleaned my hands.

I was impressed by how Sushi Neko pays attention to the smallest details that make a huge difference. We ordered edamame to share. Our server placed it between us and gave us each a bowl for our shells. Each time our discard bowl was half full, he would empty the container. Not having our remnants of the edamame remain on the table was a simple touch, yet it was part of that Karma that makes a person feel valued.

The miso soup is one of the basic soup types of Japanese culture. My bowl proved to be flavorful and comforting. You cannot help but slow down as you sip each spoonful of miso soup. It is a flavor not to be hurried or gulped.

The sushi had the intoxicating Karma of the sea. Each bite of sushi prepared at Sushi Neko’s provides the sweetness of the fish, along with saltiness and a bit of heat. From your first taste to your last bite, it is pure goodness.

Sushi Neko is practicing excellent COVID-19 Protocol.

Medicare Jet-Setters give Sushi Neko a groovy rating.

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