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syrup, Breakfast Club, and Netflix Shows

syrup, Breakfast Club, and Netflix Shows

1501 NW 23rd Street, OKC, OK 73106

Gets a Groovy Medicare Jet-Setters Review

On a recent cold morning, a group of us parked our cars in front of our monthly meeting spot for breakfast club. It was closed! Oh, what to do? Cami sent us a text with directions to a nearby brunch boutique called syrup. What could be better than hot pancakes, melted butter, and maple syrup on a blustery day?

When we drove up to the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the ample parking. The second thing I observed when we entered was the simple black and white décor. syrup was clean and calming with a simple, minimalistic design. I have been on a decluttering kick, and syrup reinforced how not having stuff everywhere proved to be relaxing for the soul.

Our server brought us our coffee in white mugs with the simple word syrup printed in black on the outside. As I sipped my coffee, my friend Diane nudged me and pointed to the saying printed inside my mug. I loved the simple message. In black lower-case letters, I read; eat well. do good.

Several of us were craving avocado toast. At syrup, this dish is not your standard recipe. For those of us who ordered it, we enjoyed it. However, we would recommend the avocado toast for a healthy lunch rather than a breakfast choice. It comes with a mound of fresh greens on top, making it more salad-like than breakfast-like.

Sitting next to me, Nikki was enjoying her bacon-covered pancakes. Now that was a breakfast that hits the mark.

Diane, who once wrote ad descriptions, told me her chi tea latte was just perfect. It was not too sweet, and the temperature was just right. Her description reminded me of the childhood classic of The Three Bears.

Another one of the ladies, also named Diane, ordered sweet cream pancakes. She was generous and let us all have a taste. I thought they tasted like fresh baked sugar cookies in pancake form. Next time I go, I am ordering an entire plate of them.

The acoustics were excellent, and I didn’t have to miss a single thing that Lisa said. Lisa could easily be the most interesting person in the universe. Lisa is up to date on the latest news stories and shares her take on things. I find her unique views fascinating.

Denise brought up the subject of great Netflix shows to watch. We all had our favorites, and I will share some of the shows we talked about while enjoying our breakfast at syrup.

· Don’t Look Up

· The Unforgivable

· The Sinner

· The Breakup

· Cobra Kai…my personal favorite

syrup gets a groovy Medicare Jet-Setters rating.

For more information, including why the owners think simple things can make a big impact check out their website at syrup. Breakfast (

Or check them out on Facebook at Syrup Breakfast | Facebook

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