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TEXAS - Beef•Fish•Fowl

And Manager Chris Barbe

3609 Shire Boulevard Richardson, TX 75082

TEXAS Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

While in Texas for some family events, we found a fun restaurant with the best weekend manager in all of Texas. The manager is Chris Barbe and the name of the restaurant is simple, Texas.

My son explained that the restaurant is an upscale casual place. Upscale casual? What the heck did that mean?

I soon figured it out. The place had a fun, laid-back ambiance mixed with great food and service. The chandeliers looked like hot air balloons, several American flags were displayed proudly throughout the restaurant, and there was live jazz music.

You can take an elevator if you want to eat on the second floor. Perfect for baby boomers not wishing to climb the steep staircase. The manager on the second floor was Chris Barbe. He greeted us and made us feel like we were the most important guests that had ever been there.

Chris suggested we try the Devil’s Tongue and Bang Bang Shrimp for appetizers. Wow, Devil’s Tongue, that had to be something unexpected.

The Devil’s Tongue turned out to be beef tenderloin on toast points. However, it tasted heavenly to me. The Bang Bang Shrimp was not too spicy or not spicy enough. It was just right.

If you love steak or seafood, you can’t go wrong. The chef cooks your choice of meat or fish to perfection.

Texas is an independent family-run restaurant by the Wamstad Family. I love to support independent businesses. To me, the small businessman, woman, or family is the backbone of America. Dale Wamstad said two of his goals are to teach his wait staff to be kind and for everyone to respect the guy in the kitchen.

Please take a few minutes to listen to the story of Dale Wamstad. It is entertaining and enlightening. About — TEXAS: Beef • Fish • Fowl (

As our evening was winding down, Chris Barbe surprised us. It was my son’s birthday, and he brought out an enormous variety of desserts for all of us to enjoy.

Texas and Chris Barbe get a Medicare Jetsetters Groovy Rating.

Check them out on Face Book at TEXAS - Beef • Fish • Fowl | Facebook

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