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Thanksgiving Ideas for 2020

By MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Medicare Jet-Setters give 2020 Ideas for Thanksgiving a Groovy Rating

Thanksgiving may be much different from any we have enjoyed in the past and lonely for many of us. If it were up to me, I would give everyone a hug, and a turkey leg, but (sigh) my arms are not long enough to reach around everyone. I am not a very good cook, so my turkey legs could be an unwelcome gift, especially after sitting in the mail carrier's bag for several days.

Maybe I can help a little with some feel-good ideas. I hope everyone has a chance to call and video chat with your loved ones. There is an entire day for us to enjoy and create memories. For just this one year, let's resurrect the tradition of sending cards for the holidays. I am thinking of the kind where you go shopping for cards that represent Christmas to you and come with envelopes that fit the cards or if you are like me, dig out the ones you got five years ago and never mailed. Then find your address book. Hopefully, you did not discard this old-fashioned treasure, the one with names and addresses you wrote in your own hand. Look for people you haven't seen in years. Choose three or four names and addresses. Write a short and pleasant memory you share with the person and mail it. The card may come back to undeliverable. People do move, and you may not want the card returned, so put your address inside the card but not on the envelope. If you don't hear back, imagine your friend living in style. Shared memories can be fun and writing them on the cards do just that.

Be sure to fix a good meal, even if it is only for yourself or a few family members. It doesn't have to be turkey, but make sure it makes your house smell of delicious food and takes hours to cook. A pot of stew or chili could do the trick. Something is comforting about mouthwatering fragrance. Having a few special treats around is nice too.

It won't be the best day to look through old pictures, listening to music that holds memories for you, or movies about family gatherings. Instead, take some silly selfies to share with friends and family. Almost everyone has that outfit that makes you wonder," what was I thinking when I got this?" It will give you a giggle and your friends a chance to laugh with you. Maybe they will even take it as a challenge and send you one of their own.

Play some music that makes you do one of those nobody's looking dances and watch a comedy on TV. Finally, before you go to bed at night, think of what made you feel happy during the day. Go to sleep knowing in your heart that you did indeed celebrate while keeping yourself and others healthy and well so you can be together to celebrate next time.

Give these groovy ideas a try. You might find some new traditions to add to your future holidays.

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