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The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating

The Cheesecake Factory is taking COVID-19 precautions to the highest degree. If you want to go out to eat where the restaurant is trying extremely hard to keep the spread of COVID-19 down, check out the Cheesecake Factory. When you are waiting for a table, they instruct you to stand outside or sit in your car. They will text your phone when a table is ready. Hand sanitizer is available for you to use. All the staff wears masks, and our server wore gloves. I assume the entire crew wore gloves, but I did not see their hands close enough to know.

Three of us went there for dinner. The others ordered wine; I tried the cucumber martini. It was absolutely the best martini I have ever tasted. I am hoping it is not just a summer drink and will be available all year.

Be prepared to spend some time looking at the menu. It is vast with about every type of food you could desire. I suggest going ahead and having your server bring you the restaurant’s signature basket of warm brown bread. It is a delicious way to start your meal off with a sensory experience. Breathe in deep and enjoy the pleasant whiff of the aroma. Your taste buds will define the homemade flavor. Add a little butter on it, watch it melt, then pop it into your mouth for an oh so delicious taste treat.

After much deliberation, we each settled on what to order. The moment our culinary delights arrived at our table; we knew they would be exceptional. The presentation of the Steak Diane was stunning. The beef melted in your mouth.

The stuffed mushrooms exploded with the right balance between the cheese and the mushrooms. The wine sauce was exquisite.

My low carb option was the pan-seared branzino fish with vegetables in lemon butter. It was delicious.

Of course, you cannot go to this restaurant without at least a taste of cheesecake. We ordered one slice, and we all had a bite or two. There are a plethora of flavors to choose from, and whichever one you pick will make your mouth happy.

The location we visited is at 5600 N Penn Ave, Oklahoma City. There are 145 locations across the United States.

For more information visit their website at

Or visit them on Facebook at

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