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Gathering Information For Transitions

The Gift gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

The GIFT is an interactive workshop that guides participants through twelve critical areas of information to have prepared for their spouse, partner, children, or whoever they hold dear when transitions, emergencies, or death occurs.

Villages OKC provides the GIFT classes. Villages OKC visionary and founder is Marilyn Olson. There is a charge for the course. However, it will be worth every penny and more to your family.

I know I feel better having this information organized and in place. As Medicare Jet-Setters, the time to do this is now. Seventy percent of Americans over age sixty-five will experience a medical/health-related occurrence that alters our daily routine and responsibilities.

The course binder even has a section on how to care for your pets. Since I only have Max the Plant, his instructions are detailed and handy for his caregiver if I am temporarily or permanently unable to care for him.

The classes last four weeks and are an hour and a half. The interactive workshop is a safe and educational group of experienced teachers to guide you through learning time-saving techniques that will provide you rapid access to your key information.

We need to have our life plans in place with today’s new normal. That new normal means our generation has traded the rocking chairs on the front porch in for an active and productive lifestyle as we age and we are living longer.

The first section guides you through your personal information and what to include.

Section two is learning to organize your legal information, such as wills, advance directives, organ donation, and more.

Section three deals with organizing your medical information, such as your doctors, specialists, dentist, medication, Medicare numbers, and plans, to name a few.

Section four guides you through getting your financial information in order. Vital hints are in this section, including how to reach your financial planner.

Section five helps you understand your insurance information and gives you food for thought on what you have and don't have.

Section six deals with your real estate holdings, including your preferred means of liquidating your household items when the time comes.

Section seven focuses on your daily living routine. There is a page to list your friends' names who you can call in a time of crisis.

Section eight is your crisis plan. Which people should know there is a crisis happening? Who will manage your finances? The list goes on and on of things to think about in a situation.

Section nine deals with home health, hospice, and researching what retirement communities you want to go to or which Long Term Care facility if you can no longer care for yourself. Including contact information for these facilities.

Section ten deals with funeral arrangements. From traditional funerals, cremation, or donating your body to science. Which songs do you want? I have the pieces "Feelin Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkle and "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding listed in my plans. Along with "The Old Rugged Cross" because my dad loved to hear me play that song on my flute.

Section eleven gives you space to think about other essential contacts in your life.

The final section revolves around Internet Information. What sites and passwords do your family need to know? What about your automatic renewals?

The GIFT is a must for any of us baby boomers. Since we don't know when a crisis will happen or our expiration date, The GIFT is truly a gift to your loved ones. I highly suggest you take this course now. It is peace of mind.

The GIFT gets a groovy Medicare Jet-Setters review.

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