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The Lounge Kitchen + Cocktails

Medicare Jet-Setters give The Lounge a Groovy Review

Are you looking for the grooviest of groovy and the coolest of cool places to eat and drink? A place that doesn’t cost a lot of bread, but you will feel like a million. We guarantee you will have a gas. You can go all decked out or casual and feel right at home. We are going to lay it on you; the Lounge is the place to be. It is baby-boomer perfect. If you understand all the above lingo, then you are a Medicare Jet-Setter Baby Boomer.

Jump in your car and get bookin to The Lounge Kitchen + Cocktails located at 3601 E. 2nd St. Edmond, OK 73034.

The Lounge is in a strip mall. You may not even notice it while driving by, but once you do stop and venture in, you immediately know you will be back. When you walk up to the front door, the sign says, “Adult atmosphere. 18 and over.”

Once you open the door, you will be stepping into the glamorous years of Hollywood. The décor is the Classic Hollywood Style of a bygone era. There is even a vintage stereo cabinet set up, complete with a record on it to take you to Hi-Fi heaven.

The Lounge has a classy Hollywood, Speakeasy, Mafia feel about it. The booths have plenty of space between the table and the bench seat. The baby boomers that have gotten a little rotund can sit comfortably in the booths with room to spare between them and the table.

The lighting fixtures, the white marble fireplace, and the décor create an ambiance for romance, an adventure, or just a cool evening with friends. Cameron introduced himself to us as our server for the evening. Talk about charming. Cameron had a personality that added to our dining experience. He talked about our food choices with passion and expression. He spent time asking about us because he wants to get to know his customers. We enjoyed his conversation and thought, what a way to make sure we come back; Cameron built a relationship with us in a matter of minutes.

I savored each sip of my Pinot Noir. The deep garnet color sparkled as our server tipped the wine in the beautiful wine glasses. The balanced, velvety texture was paradise in a goblet.

Medicare Jet-Setter Food and Wine expert Neil Johnson ordered a Cabernet Sauvignon. He enjoyed the richness of his wine.

One of our choices for the evening was Chef Josh’s Smoked Gouda Burger. It consisted of smoked gouda, thick-cut bacon, caramelized onions, tomato, arugula, and peppered garlic aioli. On the side were fresh-cut fries cooked to perfection.

We also chose the fresh buttery Atlantic Salmon, paired with a Caesar tri kale salad. The salad was colorful and fresh—strips of zucchini strategically intertwined with each other to form a bowl for the salad.

The gentleman that picked up my plate smiled and, with a twinkle in his eye, said, “You have a happy plate.”

Indeed, I did have a happy plate. It looked as if I had licked it clean.

The evening was coming to an end, and when Cameron checked on us, he shared every detail of their luscious desserts. While he was talking, I realized he looked just like Kirk Cameron did when we watched him in the TV Sitcom, “Growing Pains.”

I showed Cameron a picture of Kirk because he did not know who he was. In Cameron’s charming way, he said, “Thank you, but I’m not that good looking.”

However, Cameron is that good-looking. He got out his notepad and asked, “May I have your names so I can greet you properly next time you come in?”

The Lounge fits all the Medicare Jet-Setter criteria to rate a groovy rating. The bar is friendly and inviting, the service and food are extraordinary. The acoustics are splendid for enjoyable conversation. It is nice to have an adult-only atmosphere when you want to go out for a memorable evening.

The Lounge is locally owned and operated by the same family that brings great wings to Edmond at their Eddies location.

Get up and Go to The Lounge Kitchen + Cocktails. It gets a big Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating.

For more information, go to their website at The Lounge | (

Visit them on Facebook at The Lounge Craft Kitchen + Cocktails | Facebook

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