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The Moon

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Rating

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Sometimes you can't see it, but you know it is there. Those times when our sense of sight is dimmed by the dark of night, we become more aware of ourselves. When our usual visual stimulation does not surround us, our minds look within. It is easier to reach the creativeness we all have, and our imaginations are open to all kinds of possibilities.

I do want you to know I am not thinking of the times our thoughts turn midnight tree branches into arms reaching out to get us, or we believe goblins are peering at us. Think instead of the beauty nature gives us even when we can't see it.

Last night the moon was full, but the sky was dark with rain clouds. I watched as an occasional parting of the shadows treated me to a view of the enigmatic moon. The moon was still there, even though it could not be seen. Tonight, the moon will again be round and beautiful no matter how dark the night appears to our eyes.

If you are interested in the peaceful spiritual insight of the dark of night, and no, it doesn't have to be midnight, take a few minutes to go outside, or even look through your window, TV off please, and breathe in the night. It is a genuinely nice feeling to spend some quality time with the moon and the sky even if you can't see it.

Here is some moon talk

Image courtesy of photographer Christy Moyer

Medicare Jet-Setters gives the moon a groovy rating.

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