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The Music of PAX

Paseo Arts Festival in the Paseo District of OKC

The Music of PAX

Gets a Medicare

Jet-Setters Groovy Review

This year marked the 44th annual Paseo Arts Festival held Sept. 4th, 5th, and 6th. If you didn't make it, put it on your calendar for a can't miss event next year. There is a special magic in the Paseo District, and you can feel the muscle of creativity when walking the streets.

I went on Sunday, Sept. 5th. People, artists, and food vendors filled every inch of the streets and sidewalks. Everyone was polite as they maneuvered their way along the streets and into an artist's tent that grabbed their attention. The colors popping from the paintings to vibrant glasswork and pottery make the event a feast for the eyes.

My friend Linda Covey invited me to come to enjoy her son's band playing at the Paseo Arts Festival. I had no idea what a treat I was about to experience.

The band's name is PAX. It is Latin for Peace. How groovy is that! Mitch Covey is Bass and Vocals, Tristan Todd is Guitar and Vocals, and Ryan McCoy is Drums.

Remember when we were baby boomers, and we couldn't wait to hear the local bands. We would rock with them and be in awe of their talent. I was in amazement once again as my foot tapped, and my body swayed to the beat of PAX. I would describe PAX as a mix of the best modern music and the best rock of the sixties and seventies.

Watching this group is fun. The passion for their music explodes from their instruments and vocal cords. They play many original tunes. As I listened and noticed the crowd's reactions, I can't help but believe PAX will end up being one of the great bands in the history of music.

When PAX started playing, the tent was half full. As people walking by heard their music, I watched as they stopped in their tracks. The next thing they would do is nod at each other and head over to sit in one of the chairs inside the tent. Soon there was not an empty seat to be found. Like the pied piper, people continued to come to hear the music. The overflow stood outside of the tent in the hot sun to listen to the good vibrations.

The incredible blend of new songs and rhythms drew every age to hear PAX. The smiles, the rocking bodies, the applause knew not one generation but included everyone, despite their differences. Ryan's drum solo, thundering through the air, brought enthusiastic cheers from the crowd. If you are a baby-boomer, you will remember the song, Wipe Out. Wipe Out is one of the most famous instrumentals in music history. Each time we heard it, we would applaud or play imaginary drumsticks in the air along with the drummer. Ryan McCoy of PAX has the same magnetism for a new generation.

PAX was the highlight of the Paseo Arts Festival. The voices of Mitch Covey and Tristan Todd have talent that comes from within the artist. This kind of talent is felt, not taught. PAX, like their name implies, is what Peace is all about, as their music brought together every age, race, gender, and preferred identities under one tent on a hot September afternoon.

I heard people saying to each other, "Damn, they are good!"

As baby boomers, Pax reminded me life is about living. About encouraging the new generation of artists by getting up and going to their concerts and hearing some of our legacy of music still present in the new vibrations.

Long Live Rock & Roll.

PAX gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy review.


When you see the tip jar, put in some folding money so these local musicians can keep on living their dreams.

Clips of their music is in the comments section.

For more information, go to their Facebook page at (1) PAX vibe ROCK | Facebook

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