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The Patriarch Gets a Groovy Medicare Jet-Setter Rating

I recently met Mary Straube Hurt. Her first question to me was, “What is Medicare Jet-Setters?”

She had me pegged. I love talking about Medicare Jet-Setters.

Mary listened as I shared with her some of the places that received the Medicare Jet-Setter groovy rating. While we were talking, I noticed Mary’s earrings were peace symbols. I thought that she would probably know of some cool places I had never been to or even knew existed. She must have been reading my mind because her next question was, “Have you ever been to the Patriarch in Edmond?”

“No,” I answered, “but I have heard about it.” I laughed and added, “It was your sister Barbara that thought it would be a place I would like.”

We decided we would get together and go.

The Patriarch is a historical three-story home that sits in the middle of old downtown Edmond. The large yard is a massive patio with picnic benches, patio tables, a bean bag toss, and a ping pong table. The wood fence is colorful with paintings of beer glasses. The moment you go inside this home of a bygone era, you feel like a welcome guest.

The Patriarch has forty-eight different choices of national and local craft beers. I read many of the descriptions and settled on the Cucumber Saison Farmhouse Ale. It is from Elk Valley Brewing Company in OKC. I saw a look of disgust on some of my friend's faces at my choice. However, it was the perfect amount of cucumber-infused in the beer to give it a clean and fresh finish. I consider it the perfect summertime beer.

I was proud to see my hometown had the honor of their beer flowing from one of the taps. The beer is from Enid Brewing Co. On tap was their Enterprise Amber Ale-Red Ale. Next time I will give it a try.

The Patriarch has a limited menu. Most of the items are comfort foods that pair well with beers. Because of my Keto diet, and the fact my one beer had eight carbs, I took photographs of the food rather than tasting. The seared Brussel sprouts sprinkled with spicy pecans made my mouth water. You can only imagine how much I wanted to dig into the garlic parmesan fries. One person in our group even tried their poke tostada. Everyone agreed, the food was as good as the beer.

A band played Celtic music in a corner on the outside patio. It was exactly right in volume. We could hear it as background, yet still, hear all our conversations and laughs. That is quite a feat considering half of our group has some hearing loss.

If beer is not your thing, they also serve cocktails and wine.

For a relaxing and fun evening, get up and go to The Patriarch. The address is 9 E Edwards St., Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Patriarch gets a Medicare Jet-Setter Groovy Rating.

For more information check out their website at

Or on Facebook at

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