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The Times they are a Changin

The Times they are a Changin

Written by MJ Reporter Willow LaMunyon

Gets a Medicare Jet-Setters Groovy Review

For more generations than we can count, most of our life choices were like papers put in separate boxes, and we could only draw from the boxes designed for us.

If you were a man, your box had jobs in it. Then smaller boxes to choose from that held the positions that matched your education. There was yet another box that let you choose jobs according to your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, and even your height. Another box showed you what choices you had for a wife and a sad little box for those who don’t choose a wife. You fit in and were accepted as long as you kept away from choices in boxes designed for others.

If you were a woman, there weren’t as many boxes. Your first box was a husband box, with restrictions on what type of husband you could choose depending on your own box. After that, your children. You could have babies, or if you were unable to give birth, you could adopt. If you couldn’t find a husband, there was a sad tiny box of jobs for you. Life was restrictive and, for many, very restrictive, but everyone knew their place, and there is some comfort in staying with the known instead of the mystery of new territory.

Somewhere down the line, a few brave people ignored the boxes completely and headed into the fog of the unfamiliar. More and more, these box breakers were noticed for their happier lives or even their failure of achieving what they wanted. One way or another, they were living as individuals and the people who didn’t line up to pick their lives from boxes but moved forward with the goal of showing the world their true selves and making choices according to their desires.

The boxes were starting to get dusty and would have been filed away into the basement of what used to be if others didn’t want to keep the old ways. Somehow making the choice to stay with the boxes became a matter of personal choice, and even the decision to follow the norms of the past became unique.

The groovy fifties and sixties people straddle both worlds growing up with our parents teaching us how to follow the way of the box but society showing us a new and exciting way to live our lives.

What oh what were we to do being pulled both ways? Our answer was to create an entirely new way to be old. We stay at our jobs longer. Nobody says dress your age since no one even knows what that means anymore. We are unafraid to express ourselves as we remain active in every bit of life as we leave the wind to rock our chairs.

I like vivid colors, so no white walls for me. My hair is green, sometimes blue, and sometimes both. I love guests of different opinions and tastes in style, so feel free to visit. If my rooms are too bright for you, I will provide sunglasses.

Thank you to our generation of Medicare Jet-Setters who dared to step out of the boxes in huge ways during our youth. It is with that same spirit we are still stepping out of the boxes and re-defining aging. The Times they are a Changin gets a Medicare Jet-Setters groovy rating.

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